How To Have An Easier International Trip With Kids

Brittany Reed

Travelling early with children is a great way to instill in them a love of adventure and learning. Travelling internationally with children, however, can be a daunting experience for parents, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. A few tips to make your international family vacation a little easier are:

Check your car seat for little ones
For young children, their car seat can also serve as their plane seat, keeping them safe and still all throughout the flight. To make sure your car seat is airline certified, check for an airplane approved sticker and make sure the seat is no more than 16 inches wide. Once a child hits over 40 pounds, they can use airplane seatbelts safely.

Get a checkup
Taking the kids to their pediatrician for a check-up is also a good idea before international travel. Their doctor will make sure they have any necessary vaccinations, and that their ears are equipped to allow them to travel by air comfortably. Your child’s pediatrician can also suggest generic over the counter medication names you may find overseas should your child require them.

Start prepping for jet lag early
Before your trip, give your child a couple of days to adjust to the schedule of the country you’re visiting. During your first couple days of your trip, keep your normal at-home nap routine similar, but catered to your new time zone.

How To Have An Easier International Trip With KidsOpt for a night-flight
Many international flights happen overnight, but getting tickets for an evening trip is even more important with little ones. This can help them to pass the time on the flight by sleeping naturally, and it can help you and your children to keep their normal schedules and be well-rested for when you land.

Don’t forget entertainment
Bringing your own personal entertainment for an international flight can help to keep children satisfied while you’re journeying to your destination. For handheld gaming consoles, make sure to have physical game cartridges, and for tablets, their favorite movies and books already pre-loaded on. Using a FastPass enabled carry-on bag, like our Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag, you can keep all of these electronics and chargers tucked away safely and in an organized fashion while going through security until you’re ready to use it.

Call your medical insurance provider
In case of an accident or illness, check with your medical insurance provider to make sure you and your children are covered while travelling internationally. Not all plans include international coverage, and if it is not included in your plan, it can pay to opt for a supplementary plan that covers you on the duration of your trip.

Travelling with children early can get them used to travel, and give them a love of seeing the world. A love of travel is something passed down, and your children are likely to continue the tradition you started with their own children in the future. With a few tips, travelling abroad with children doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can create an enriching experience for both parent and child that will be remembered fondly.

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