How To Upgrade Your Flight For Cheap

Brittany Reed

Frequent travelers understand the importance of comfort. However, if you are traveling all the time, it may not be cost-effective to always sit in first or business class seating. Luckily, there are some techniques to upgrade your flight for cheap. A savvy traveler can always get an upgrade if they are smart about it. Here are some tips to get an upgrade on your next flight.

Stay Loyal To An Airline

Airlines reward loyalty and all of them have rewards programs for their regular customers. Choose an airline that has the routes you take most often and sign up for a loyalty membership. As you rack up miles you will be automatically upgraded and will receive some great bonuses like free upgrade notices. Loyalty memberships also have other perks like discounted hotels and car rentals, early boarding, and even exclusive flight deals.  

Cash In Your Airline Miles 

Airline miles can be used for more than just a free flight. You can trade them in for upgrades to business or first class. If you are a frequent traveler, these upgrades might be nicer than snagging that free flight at the end of the year. This is also great for people who have to use their points up before they expire, but don’t have time or enough points to get a full flight.

Ask To Be Upgraded

When you want something, sometimes the best way to get it is to ask. Simply approach the airline representatives and tell them if they have any availability, you’d like to be considered for an upgrade. Make sure that you arrive early, are polite, and dress the part. Asking can get you pretty far. If you have a little extra time and can afford a delay in your trip, you can even offer to give up your spot on an overbooked flight in return for a first class seat on the next flight.

Check For An Upgrade While Checking In

When you are checking in for your flight, find out if there is an upgrade available. Often times, snagging the upgrade at the airport is much cheaper than getting it when you initially book your seat. It helps to arrive at the airport early to snag these discount deals before other passengers can nab them.

Book Your Flight Early

If you book your flight early, when rates are very low, you can simply use the money you save to upgrade. Use a flight tracker and set alerts for the ideal rate minus the cost of upgrading to business or first class. Then book as soon as the price drops to where you can easily afford to upgrade your flight.

Most of the ways you can get a cheap upgrade require you to be early for your flight. One of the best ways to guarantee you are early is to get through security, hassle-free. With our fast pass luggage system, you can get through TSA without slowing down. Helping you get to the gate quicker, so you can snag those early bird upgrades. So don’t settle for less, upgrade your flight and your luggage inexpensively.  

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