How To Keep Your Devices Charged So You Can Work On The Go

Brittany Reed

When you travel a lot for work, being able to use your laptop, smartphone, and tablets can help you get everything done efficiently and on time. However, all of these devices require a consistent stream of power to work, so you need to always have a plan to keep them charged. Here are some easy ways to keep your devices charged so you can work while on the go.

Book A Flight With Charging Plugs

Many airlines now offer a variety of modern features for the business traveler. Larger plans often have charging plugs right below the seat so you can keep your devices fully charged while you work. Consider this feature when booking your flight. It will usually say right on the website if they have charging plugs as part of their amenities. So if you are choosing between a few different flights, consider charging plugs as an important feature.

Take Advantage Of Airport Charging Stations

There are charging stations all over airports now. If you have a layover, grab your food to go and park by a charging station instead of just waiting in the restaurant. If you can’t find one, simply ask an airport employee or look on the airport map. They usually have designated charging spaces that are accessible to all travelers. These charging stations can give you just enough juice to keep you going. 

Adjust Your Device Settings

There are so many settings you can adjust on your devices that can reduce your battery power including:

  •  Reduce screen brightness level to a less bright setting
  •  Turn off automatic updates, notifications, and background app refresh
  • Turn off bluetooth, wifi finder, personal hotspot, and location services if you don’t need them.
  • Turn off automatic uploads to the cloud
  • Identify battery draining apps and turn them off
  • Turn off cellular data for apps you won’t be using on your trip
  • If possible, keep your devices in airplane mode as long as possible

You’ll be surprised how simply adjusting these settings can dramatically reduce your battery usage.

Invest In A Portable Charger 

Portable chargers can be a lifesaver for the modern business traveler. There are a lot of portable chargers on the market but you really need one that can do a variety of things. First, you want to find one that can charge multiple devices at once. Secondly, you need one that can charge quickly so if you have limited time, you can still get the power you need. Finally, you want to find one that is streamlined, TSA-approved, and easy-to-pack. The ECBC Portable PowerPack has all these features and can keep you charged even when you don’t have access to an outlet.

Get Luggage With Charging Features

Finally, some modern luggage now offers charging devices built right in. That way you never have to remember to keep your devices charged. Many of the luggage options at ECBC have charging ports built right into them. These are great because you can charge you devices in the airport, on your plane, or even in the cab on the way to a meeting. The best part is all you have to do is remember to plug in the luggage the night before and you are set to charge multiple devices throughout the day.

These tips will help you keep all your devices charged no matter how frequently you travel. Having a little extra juice can help you get everything done so you can stress less while traveling. 

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