Highlights Of ECBC FastPass

Brittany Reed

No one loves going through TSA. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong, you can’t help but feel like you’re being scrutinized. Some people actually feel overwhelming anxiety while others just grin and bear it. Whichever type of reaction you have to TSA checkpoints might depend on how much gear you have to load and unload into the required bins.

Technology Follows Wherever You Go
It’s a modern age with technology around us everywhere we go. When travelling for business, or even for pleasure, it’s rare that some kind of electronic gear doesn’t go with you. From laptops to tablets, phones to iPods, having technology with you is almost non-negotiable. That’s why ecbc created electronic-friendly gear in the first place. So you can travel across the campus, across the country, or across the world with protection, organization, and reliability for all of your items.

The Best Way To Get Through The TSA Checkpoint
Highlights Of ECBC FastPassThe ecbc the FastPass® system is unique in the travel world. It allows you to get through those long and anxiety-filled TSA checkpoint lines faster and with much less hassle. It allows travelers to leave laptops, tablets, and other devices inside their suitcases—saving time, providing convenience, and easing frustrations.  You simply unzip the FastPass® compartment and lay it flat, displaying all of your fiercely protected electronics. The whole section goes through the scanner, eliminating the need to unpack and uncoil all of your electronics. With the FastPass® system, you’ll no longer need to unpack your valuables into those dingy gray TSA bins.

Stop Unpacking And Just Unzip It  
Having the ability to unzip and go is what makes the FastPass® system such a game changer in the travel world. As more and more people travel with electronic gear, the lines become bogged down when each person has to unpack each cable, cord, and charger. And if you have your gear packed in just the right way, you’ll likely need to take extra time packing it all back up the right way so that everything fits just as perfectly as it did before. With FastPass®, everything stays together in its place. There is no unravelling, uncoiling, or repacking because you never need to unpack it in the first place. It’s all there for the checkpoint and once it’s made its way down the conveyor belt, all you need to do is zip it back up and go.  
Available On Almost All Of Our Gear
The ecbc FastPass® system is available in nearly all of the ecbc gear available for purchase, including:

When packing for your next trip, business or pleasure, you know that you’ll have an easier time when going through TSA if you have the ecbc FastPass® system to back you up.

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