Get Through Airport Security Quickly Like A Pro

Brittany Reed

Nowadays you need to get to the airport around two hours before your flight to make sure you get to your gate on time. However, sometimes client meetings run long, traffic is bad, or something unexpected happens and you simply can’t get to the airport early enough. In those cases it helps to know how to get through security quickly, so you don’t miss your flight. Here are our top tips for getting to your gate as quickly and easily as possible when you are running late.

Check In Before You Get There

Most airlines will now let you check in through their website or right on your smartphone. If you aren’t checking luggage, this is a great way to grab your boarding pass without having to wait in line. So if you are running late, check your confirmation email and see how you can check in and grab your boarding pass remotely. Many airlines also have kiosk check-ins nowadays to reduce wait times. So if you can’t check in remotely, try to get your boarding pass from the kiosk.

Sign Up For TSA Pre-Check And US Customs And Border Protection’s Global Entry 

TSA Pre-Check and the Global Entry system are a system for expedited clearance through TSA security checkpoints. Pre-Check is for domestic travelers and Global Entry is for international travelers. Both require a background check and an interview to qualify. The expedited status is given to low-risk travelers who do not require as thorough of a security screening. Both programs help you get through security faster than going through the standard checkpoints. 

Know What To Pack And Wear 

The TSA has a comprehensive list of what you can and cannot carry on to an airplane. Understanding the items you can bring will help you avoid getting pulled aside during the security screening. This same principle applies to what you should wear. Avoid wearing anything with metal accessories that can require extra screening. Also make sure to wear slip on shoes so you can take them off quickly to get through the line.

Invest In Great Luggage

A good piece of luggage can help you get through security faster in many ways. Our full line of bags at ECBC are designed to get you through the airport quickly. First, they are wheeled and easy to transport which can help you race across the terminal faster. Secondly, they are the ideal carry-on size to help prevent you having to check your bags last minute. Finally, all of our bags are designed specifically to get you through security checkpoints quickly because they have a fastpass pocket. Rather than having to rummage through your luggage to pull out all your electronic devices, you simply open a flap and lay your bag down and it will go through the scanner in no time. With our luggage you’ll get through security in no time.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes that means you’ll be running late for your flight. Rather than losing money because you missed your flight, follow these simple tips to get you to your gate quickly and with less hassle.

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