Five Must Have Travel Accessories For The Savvy Business Traveler For 2018

Brittany Reed

If you are a frequent flier, you’re probably aware of the most common hassles of flying. However, with an investment in a few smart gadgets, you can definitely overcome these issues. We’ve reviewed all the exciting new accessories for 2018 and streamlined it down the the five absolute must-haves for the smart business traveler. If you are looking to make traveling for business easier, definitely invest in these five items:


1. Portable Power Pack II

When you are traveling for work, it also means you are working on the go. So you need to make sure that all your devices are charged at all times. There is a huge variety of portable chargers on the market, but they don’t offer the same benefits as the Portable Power Pack II. First of all, the power pack can charge multiple devices at once. It holds 6,000mAh and charges at a lightning fast 2100mAh so you can power up quickly. The power pack is portable, easy to use, and TSA approved, so you won’t have any hassle taking it with you.


2. Universal Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

 Speaking of power, if you are an international traveler you know what a hassle it is to charge devices when you are faced with a variety of outlet styles. This Universal Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter has every type of power outlet built right in, so no matter what country or continent you are traveling to, you can easily plug in your devices. The best part is this plug is all-in-one, so you don’t have to remember which plug to use in which country. Simply grab this small, portable device with your portable power pack, and you’ll be charged up anywhere in the world.


3. Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are probably one of the best inventions for travelers. No more fighting with cords and wires when trying to take off your jacket or adjust your seat.. We personally love the Bose Soundsport Free for travelers for a couple of reasons. First, Bose is world-renowned for offering the highest quality sound devices on the market, so you can trust that they’ll sound great. Secondly, they all act as noise cancelling headphones so if you get stuck next to a fussy baby or a loud talker, you can easily drown out that excess noise. Finally, they interface with any bluetooth enabled device, so you don’t have to buy special adapters or devices to listen to your favorite music or podcast.


 4. Worlds Smallest Steam Iron

As busy business travelers, sometimes we don’t have time to go to our hotel and change before meeting with clients. That’s where the world’s smallest steam iron comes in. This compact device, about the size of a computer mask, can be used in a bathroom to give your suit a quick refresh before meeting with clients. It’s also great if you always pack your business attire in a carry-on and find that you’re now wrinkled. This device is so small it will take up no room in your luggage and can be used on the go or just in the morning when you are getting ready. No more rushing around to find a last minute dry cleaner for a quick press, no more hanging your outfit in the steam shower hoping the wrinkles melt away, and no more burning your clothes with unreliable hotel steam irons. It’s a great item for the on the go traveler.


5. Freehand Travel Drink Caddy

 Has this ever happened to you: You’ve got your coffee in one hand and your carry on in another, and now you have to dig out your boarding pass and ID and there’s a line of impatient travelers behind you. Then you’re trying to juggle all of these things in a hurry without spilling your coffee and as quickly as possible so as not to hold up the line any longer. With the Freehand Travel Drink Caddy, you’ll never have this embarrassing situation again. It clips right onto your luggage handlebars, leaving you to always have one hand free. The best part about the design is it also stabilizes the drink so you don’t have to worry about spills when racing across the airport. This is a must have for any coffee drinker.


Make your travels in 2018 easy and invest in these must-have travel accessories!

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