Five Best Smartphone Apps To Help You Travel Like A Boss

Brittany Reed

Smartphones have really changed how we travel. They allow us to conduct business on the go, keep us entertained during long airport wait times, and help us stay connected to home no matter where we’ve traveled. However, many frequent travelers still don’t use their smartphones to their full traveling potential. There are numerous apps that can help make traveling even easier. Here are five of our favorite apps we recommend all travelers download right away:


1. GateGuru (iOS, Android, Windows; Free)

GateGuru is the ultimate all-in-one smartphone app for the savvy traveler. It tracks your travel schedule and itinerary, updating you if you are going to experience any cancellations or delays. It also tracks security wait times for arriving passengers. On top of all that it helps you navigate the airport that you are at and find some amenities to enjoy while you wait. With some many features, we think GateGuru is a must-have for any regular traveler.


2. TripIt (iOS, Android; Free for limited, $49/year for Pro)

 If you travel a lot and are constantly juggling flights, hotels, and car rentals, TripIt is the perfect app for you. TripIt keeps your itinerary and schedule all in one place automatically. It also lets your store all your travel documents, share your calendar with ours, and even get notifications when an upgraded seat is available. It’s ideal for the busy traveler who must stay organized.



3. EnTrain (iOS, Android; Free)

 Developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, EnTrain is the perfect app for travelers who suffer from JetLag. By tracking your travel and sleep schedule, EnTrain can help you quickly adjust your biorhythms to your new time zone.  This app is perfect for business travelers who need to stay sharp when they travel or just anyone who is sick of dealing with jetlag.


4. Grab (iOS, Android; Free)

 We all know how difficult it is to eat when traveling, but Grab makes it super easy. Not only does it list all the great restaurants at your destination airport, but you can order food for pickup right from your phone. With Grab you can always eat something delicious, no matter where you are, the length of your layover, and your personal food preferences. Simply order what you want, grab it and you are ready to go!


5. iFlyPro (iOS; $4.99, Android: $6.99)

 iFly Pro has all the information you need about over 700 airports across the globe. It has everything from GPS-enabled terminal maps to parking rates to details about amenities both inside and near the airport. It even contains a flight tracker. It’s a great option for helping you make the most out of your time at the airport.


All of these smartphone apps can make your travel experience even better. However, don’t forget that if you are going to use your smartphone to take advantage of these great apps, you’ll definitely need to make sure you have a portable power pack charger. ECBC offers one of the best portable chargers on the market allowing you to charge multiple devices quickly and on the go. This handheld device fits neatly in any luggage pocket and can make sure that have the juice to check out all of these great apps. So hit your app market and grab a power pack and you’ll be traveling like a technological pro in no time!

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