Escape The Cold With A Warm Weather Vacation

Brittany Reed

With winter coming quickly, some travelers simply want to escape for a couple more weeks of warmth. Luckily, the beautiful planet we call home offers plenty of warm weather destinations travelers can enjoy when escaping the cold, and fewer than you think break the bank. You don’t have to use up your whole yearly vacation budget to get away to relax in the sun, and these warm vacation destinations are proof:

Cartagena, Columbia
Between November and February, the city of Cartagena, Columbia sees average temperatures of just around a perfect 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The old town portion of the city is home to historic cobblestone streets, overhead balconies, and vendors selling fresh fruit and refreshing coconuts. For just under $30, excursions can be booked to spend the day at nearby Playa Blanca for some hours of relaxation on white sandy beaches.

Miami, Florida
For a domestic vacation you don’t have to break the bank on, Miami, Florida is perfect for escaping the chill and snow. From November to February, the average temperature in Miami is a perfect 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is plenty to do for any type of traveler. If you’re looking for a glamorous experience, plenty of high-class resorts specialize in providing just that, if you want adventure, Miami has plenty, and if you want to experience the simple pleasures of the region, you’re free to do so. Local Cuban restaurants provide fares to suit any budget with colorful and unique flavors.

Escape The Cold With A Warm Weather VacationChiang Mai, Thailand
When one thinks about a budget-friendly warm weather vacation, taking a trip all the way to Thailand isn’t usually what comes to mind first. That being said, Chiang Mai proves this mindset wrong in the best possible way. While a direct ticket to the destination can be quite expensive, flying into Bangkok and taking an internal flight the rest of the way can save you quite a bit and get you some more bang for your buck. The Chiang Mai region is known for some of the very best food in the world, as well as comfortable accommodations to suit any traveler. At 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the United States winter months, travelling the area by motorbike is an unforgettable experience.

La Paz, Mexico
Winter temperatures in La Paz, Mexico average at about a beautiful 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and this quiet little beach city offers plenty of charm to travelers. A boardwalk runs along the beach, allowing you to admire the crystal clear blue waters while sampling fares from world-class local restaurants and checking out whimsical shops. For those looking for a laid-back beach vacation to get away from the cold back home, there are few places better than La Paz.

Making a quick getaway when the winter blues start to get you down is something possible for any traveler. These destinations offer a wide range of different experiences to suit different tastes, and they always leave a lasting impression on those who seek a brand new adventure!

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