Eliminating The Stress From Air Travel

Brittany Reed

Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, it’s no secret that air travel can really be a headache. From the long lines, to the extra fees, to rough flights and airsickness, air travel is harrowing even for the most experienced of travelers. That being said, air travel stress can be minimized, and with a few tips, you can be well on your way to eliminating those big stresses that make you dread those trips to the airport. Tips you can use to eliminate some of your air travel stresses include:

Combating airsickness
Airsickness can be a huge dread for many travelers, but there are things you can do to minimize the amount of movement, and therefore the amount of nausea, you’re like to feel while on an airplane. While air travel has come a very long way in terms of stabilizing your ride, 8.4% of airline travelers still report to feeling the occasional airplane nausea. If you’re one of the unlucky 8.4%, try booking your flights in the early morning if possible, and to sit by the wing of the plane. Sitting by the airplane’s wing will grant you less up and down movement, and give you a smoother and more balanced ride. As for booking early morning flights, as the ground tends to heat up during the middle of the day, you could be in for a more turbulent ride, as well as at risk for flying through thunderstorms, so it’s best to book for the morning when the skies are calmer.

Don’t neglect those e-mail signups
Subscribing to a hundred different airline e-mail subscriptions may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but it can wind up saving you a ton in the long-run. Setting up a special e-mail address just for the signups is a great idea, and keeping an eye on the deals you’re sent can save you hundreds on airline tickets and travel. Not sure where you want to vacation this year? One of these e-mail alerts could show you a deal you cannot refuse to a city you’ve been thinking about visiting.
Eliminating The Stress From Air Travel
Check in early
If you’re able, use your smartphone or go online and check in ahead of time while downloading or printing your tickets. If you’re only toting efficient carry-on bags, and you don’t have to check your bag, you’ll be able to breeze through the lines on the way to your flight. The long lines are one of the most commonly cited sources for air travel headaches by travelers, and this method eliminates a lot of that wasted time.

Don’t check luggage if you don’t have to
Ideally, if you can find a carry-on bag that has everything, like our Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag with included power bank and suited for 22” carry on compartments, you don’t want to have to check your luggage. Checking your luggage includes going through additional security, getting a checked luggage ticket, and having your bags weighed in yet another, you guessed it, long line. Breeze right through with the right carry-on bag option and some smart packing skills.

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