Building A Future - ecbc and Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County

In 2012, ecbc, a travel bag company based in Murrieta, California, was founded by Jean-Luc Annet and his wife, Julie.  The company would manufacture premium quality travel bags.  The designs would take into consideration the changing needs of the modern traveler. They innovated a line of TSA-friendly bags that would ease the stress of traveling with electronics in a post 9/11 era.  


The design was all about the details and the public noticed.  By 2014, the reviews had been rolling in.  These early successes led the founders to think about ways that they could give back to the community in which they built several businesses and also raised their children.  One of the organizations that they decided to contribute to was the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County.


Dorian_Kids_ecbc_BGCSWCThe ecbc team liked that in addition to providing challenging and fun activities for kids, Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County provided after school care, transportation, camps, trips and supervision and assistance with homework.  ecbc wanted to help the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County continue to provide these services.  One clear way that they could help was to provide quality gear that would help the kids carry the things that they would need to succeed in school and in life.


Jean-Luc said of the company's mission, "Philanthropy is inherent in ecbc's corporate culture.  As we grow our company and succeed, we must always do so while doing some good for our community.  We support Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County because we feel that their work benefits our community and the children who are the future of this community."    


ecbc donated a large number of premium quality backpacks, messenger bags and totes for laptops and tablets to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County.  The donation was to benefit 4 Boys & Girls Club sites in the surrounding area: Murrieta Clubhouse, Pechanga Great Oak, Alberhill Ranch and Old Town Temecula


Over time, the donated bags were given to kids who demonstrated exceptional effort and behavior, to some staff,  and were also used at Boys & Girls Club events as prizes and donation incentives. 


Dorian_Boys_and_Girls_Club_thankyouTwo years ago, Great Oak Pechanga Clubhouse Director, Dorian Stephens was among those who received one of the donated ecbc backpacks.   


After having the bag for some time, Dorian noted, "I carry my bag with me...when I go onto a plane.  This is my carry-on luggage.  It's quick and easy; unzip, take out my bag, FastPass works excellent when traveling.  It's just a phenomenal bag for me."


His enthusiasm for the ecbc brand and also for his work with the children caught the attention of ecbc employees. 


Said Dorian, "Just for ecbc... to be involved with the Boys & Girls Club and to give back as much as they can means a lot.  It means a lot to the organization.  It means a lot to the kids.  Having a local company support a local organization is so important, so key to the Boys & Girls Club.  It's a real great opportunity that we get to partner with them."


ecbc_gifting_DorianOver the course of the two years, ecbc received updates on the work of the local Boys & Girls Club sites and Dorian's name kept popping up as an excellent leader and influence in the local organization.  ecbc decided to recognize and reward that spirit and dedication.  They made a special trip to his Boys & Girls Club site to deliver a Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack


"His gratitude for the gift was matched by my admiration for the daily work done by Dorian to inspire community children who attend his site every day," said Jean-Luc.   "Looking toward that future, we are examining ways that we can 'do good' on a larger scale." 


ecbc is partnered with Make-A-Wish® Orange County and Inland Empire in its Wishes In Flight® program.  ecbc and Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County are currently developing a plan to expand ecbc's support of the Boys & Girls  Club organization, based on that model.  The two organizations will team their resources to bolster community awareness and contribution. 


Here is a video marking their first joint effort to tell their story and expand awareness about the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County.   Come back to this site frequently and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch how the partnership develops and to find out how you may be able to help the cause.



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