Avoid Germs And Stay Healthy While Traveling

Brittany Reed

Airports see thousands of passengers coming through from around the world every single day, and airplanes see the same. As you’re in flight, the recycled air going through the plane is a haven for germs, with some germs that your body probably hasn’t experienced many of unless you’re frequently going around the world. So, how do you avoid germs and stay healthy while traveling? We have a few tips:

Prepare your body ahead of time
You can equip your body with what it needs to fight off germs before ever arriving at the airport. Before your flight, get plenty of sleep, eat well, and stay properly hydrated, as this gives your immune system the sort of boost it needs to fight off germs in a healthy and safe way. While you’re on the flight, make sure to keep hydrated, as this keeps your respiratory tract strong for fighting any germs that might find their way into your airways. Additional perks? Plenty of sleep and hydration will also help you to alleviate flying anxiety and make you feel better when you reach your destination.

Avoid Germs And Stay Healthy While TravelingRemember hand hygiene
Carrying with you a small bottle of alcohol-free hand sanitizer in your backpack or carry-on luggage is a great idea, as is making occasional trips to the bathroom to wash your hands and keep fresh. While your clothing is touching the seat it provides a surface to skin barrier, but that goes away when your hands touch the seat, and especially when you touch your face afterward. Keeping your hands clean lowers your exposure to these germs.

Wipe down your tray table
While you’re eating your in-flight meal, stop and think about just how many other people have used that very same tray table for eating, entertaining, or even resting their head for a nap. Keep with you a couple of hand wipes or baby wipes you can use to wipe down the tray table before chowing down on your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.

Limit your bathroom exposure
Like you would in any public restroom, limit your skin to surface exposure in the airplane bathroom. If you’ve removed your shoes in-flight, make sure to put them back on before entering the restroom, and make use of toilet seat covers, paper towels, and good old fashioned soap and water.

Use the top portion of the pocket
Stashing your entertainment items in the pocket of the seat in front of you is what many people do soon after sitting down for their flight. It’s a great convenience, but try to keep your belongings to the top, rather than allowing them to slip down inside. The bottom of the pocket may be filled with debris including food particles to tissues, and you don’t want those coming into contact with what you’ll be touching or wearing later.

With a little care, keeping yourself protected from germs while flying or traveling is simple. Consider the germs you may be exposed to, and your own body, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re not picking up any unwanted travelers of your own while you’re in flight!

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