Unique New York

Chances are if you’ve been to New York State you went to the Big Apple, yet the state is home to many other unique places.

Coney Island Sideshows, Brooklyn:

Famous for its historic roller coasters, carousels and boardwalk, Coney Island is also home to the last traditional 10-in-1 continuous sideshow, rooted in mass culture and the traditions of P.T. Barnum, dime museums, vaudeville, and circus sideshows. Here you will see voluntarily freakish and uniquely talented performers, from sword swallowers and fire eaters, to snake charmers and contortionists. Must-sees include the museum, the house of mirrors, fireworks on the beach (Friday nights) and the Freak Bar, where you just might end up downing a cold beer in company of a sword swallower or bearded lady!

Howe Caverns:

This prehistoric underworld discovered in 1842 is second only to Niagara Falls as the most visited natural attraction in New York State. Travel 156’ below the surface, experience cave exploration without the need for special training and equipment, and even take a boat ride on the underground lake. Themed tour packages such as ‘Taste of Europe,’ ‘Couples Intimate,’ ‘Lantern,’ and ‘Summer Family Fun,’ feature accommodations in a comfortable motel, and meals in a café offering a wide selection of menu items. Additional attractions include a 900’ long 4-tower zip line, a ropes course, and a 26’ high rock-climbing wall.

Lilydale Spiritualist Community:

Founded in 1879 during the height of Spiritualism, Lilydale is the largest Spiritualist community in the world. Stay at one of the town’s lovely Victorian bed-and-breakfasts and stroll its quaint, peaceful streets, or camp in the nearby wooded area and enjoy nature at its best. Consult one of the town’s mediums (people who communicate with the dead), have your palms read, visit the Forest Temple, the Healing Temple, or the museum, or take a class on one of many subjects related to man’s potential as a spiritual being. Bookstores and the library hold hundreds of books on esoteric subjects, and the gift shop sells crystals, clothing, herbs, and jewelry – everything you need to renew body and spirit.

Saratoga Springs:

Therapeutic, carbonated mineral springs put this town on the map in the 1800’s. Visitors today can sample the water at 18 public springs, or partake of mineral baths at the luxurious Gideon Putnam Resort and the historic Crystal Spa. Each bath house offers private rooms with bath tubs where guests can soak in the effervescent water. If the ponies are more to your liking, you can watch races at the Saratoga Race Course (the oldest racetrack in America) or catch a world-class polo match on the Saratoga Springs polo grounds. History buffs will appreciate walking the Saratoga battlefield, where in the Fall of 1777 the Patriots’ victory proved to be a turning point in the American Revolution. Local businesses also offer golf, a casino, luxury shopping, fine dining, and a variety of accommodations for every taste and budget.

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