Travel With ecbc - the gift we make to ourselves


Travel: The Gift That We Make To Ourselves

It’s About the Journey

Part Two - Travel: The Gift That We Make To Ourselves

In the introduction of this series a reference is made to the concept of Holistic Travel which embraces the practical aspects as well as attitudes and philosophies affecting us during travel. As this series develops, please remember that central to this view are these overlapping aspects. Although each aspect of the journey is important, the total experience is determined by everything simultaneously – practical and conceptual. It can turn a blind outing into an amazing expedition. Having traveled the world most of my life, military and civilian, I’ve garnered a wealth of experience. Meeting people and experiencing diverse cultures has the potential to enhance your life. It certainly has mine.

Expanding our horizons and getting beyond our comfort zone creates contrast and stimulates personal growth. With the right strategies and equipment, the contrast created by traveling the world can transform into something beautiful, comfortable and familiar. You begin to welcome on deeper levels that you’re getting ready to learn something. You’re getting ready to step into the open arms of the unknown and embrace the journey itself – you’re getting ready to celebrate your life. Prepare to experience something attractive and exciting. Travel has the potential to give us all of this and more.

One of the most important elements of travel is the luggage we choose to join us on the journey. I’ve traveled extremely light, carrying only a small but well considered carry-on piece to a large Army duffle bag with large dual shoulder straps. Undoubtedly, in most instances, making sure the things you have packed are protected from moisture is extremely important. Whether you’re carrying paperback books for your reading pleasure, maps to help you navigate the journey, music players, tablets, a laptop and cellphones, water can definitely damage your experience. Increasing your focus on practical aspects of travel will enhance the journey beyond imagination. My personal favorite all-purpose carrier that serves my needs in this area is the ECBC Hercules Laptop Backpack. It’s nearly indestructible, has a place for everything and features the unique-in-the-industry FastPass® System so you can zip through TSA checkpoints without unpacking everything. I also use the ECBC Portable Power Pack, to recharge my phone, tablet and other gadgets right in the bag, while I’m on the move.

This and so much more are the rewards of travel. In my opinion, travel itself is a gift that we make to ourselves. While we’re out visiting amazing, wonderful places, we collect memories – photographs, mementos, conversations, handshakes; silent moments shared with complete strangers that are permeated with a peaceful harmony that restores our faith in humanity; defining moments which become ingrained in our experience. Travel is also a tremendous gift we can make to others.  It’s a very beautiful thing to share.  There are so many charming things to see and hear – so many wonderful tastes and smells to savor – so many touching moments worthy of committing to memory.  Make a friend. Take them with you. . .

Until next time, remember: it’s about the journey.

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