It's About The Journey


It's About The Journey

Life is a journey. During this journey, we travel. It can be a hard journey or it can be made a lot easier through a little forethought, planning and preparation. The word travel originated with the term travail. The journey was once extremely difficult. With advances in travel, technology and comfort afforded by ergonomics, it can now be an experience of pleasure and wonder. Often in our modern age, humanity forgets the beauty and enjoyment that travel can be due to the fast-paced mentality we’ve acquired. Whether we’re traveling for business or pleasure, we’re in a hurry. The journey needs to be pleasant. We need to pay attention. We need to stop and smell the flowers. If we’re wise or skilled and understand how to be in tune with the world around us, the journey can be absolutely memorable.

Every day is a journey. We awaken, open our eyes and a decision is made. If we’re particularly proactive, it’s a conscious decision. How are we going to meet today’s journey? Are we going to walk in fear? Or are we going to walk into the open arms of the unknown and embrace our destiny? Are we ready, willing and able to pursue this journey with courage and passion? If your answer is no, recognize, that in a matter of seconds, this can all change. It’s all about attitude. Have you ever wanted to take this journey called life by the horns and escape from the simple confines of the four walls surrounding you? Are you willing to surrender to the pleasures, excitement and true adventure that life has in store for you and see the world?

If you’re genuinely interested in expanding your horizons and tired of living a mundane existence, remember in an instant you can alter the experience of your journey by making new choices. There are alternatives to what you’ve chosen as well as how you currently view your position in life. The simple act of making a decision to alter your perspective will change your life.

The concept of Holistic Travel embraces the practical aspects as well as the attitudes and philosophical components of the journey. When you travel, you’re about to experience new cultures, new sociological elements, new people, places and things. If you frequently travel, you already know this. But sometimes we forget and need reminders, especially today when information is instantly available giving us the illusion of direct experience. Reading about a locale and experiencing it first-hand are two different things. It’s the difference between meeting someone face to face and reading a text message. If you’ve never traveled and are ready to see the world, stay tuned. I’ll cover many aspects – practical, hands-on elements such as the right luggage – as well as valuable concepts and perspectives – that you may have never considered before. These things will eventually become a synthesis of wonder in your mind and suddenly you’ll realize you’re ready.

Until next time, remember: it’s about the journey.

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