5 Ways to Have Family Fun This Weekend

Lindsay Grummett

Labor Day might officially mark the end of summer, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting outside and exploring your community and its surroundings. Every city – big and small – provides a backdrop for fun, you just have to know where to find it.

We’ve put together a list of 5 awesome activities that are fun for the whole family. And no, we don’t mean that your kids will enjoy themselves while you mindlessly stare at your watch. These weekend plans are simple with no shortage of family memory making!

So pack up your Hercules backpack or Harpoon daypack, and head out into your community. Adventure awaits!

Top Activities to Try This Weekend

Nature Hike and Hunt

Step up your nature game by adding a scavenger hunt to your hike. Before you leave the house, print off a list of items that will be in abundance on your walk (and some that’ll be tougher to find). Provide all members of the family with their own list and head out on your trek. Make sure you include a prize for the person who collects the most items. May we suggest a post-hike ice cream?

Create Your Own Nature Art

Image Courtesy of The Artful Parent's blogSo you’ve finished your nature hike and aren’t sure what to do with the rocks, flowers, and leaves you’ve collected. Take home the best of your collection and create some awesome art!

Leaf printing on fabric is a fun activity that can result in some awesome art pieces your kids will be proud of. All you need for this project is some old fabric, fabric paint, a hard rubber brayer as well as a box and some newspaper to keep the mess contained. Visit The Artful Parent’s blog for a step-by-step tutorial.

Become a Tourist in Your Own Town

Travelers will often go on vacation and pack their schedules full with sightseeing activities, but have you ever taken a tour in your own hometown? Your town is known for something. Maybe you’re the cheese capital of your state or the site of a centuries-old battle. Find a historic spot and get in touch with the local culture.

Take a Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Farmer's MarketWe love the farmer’s market! This is a great way for you to educate your kids on where their food comes from while also doing some of your weekly grocery shopping. You can buy affordable, organic, and locally grown produce that your kids will want to eat right away. Additionally, there are often lots of local artisans to explore and discover. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up a new hobby. Jam-making, anyone?  


Visit a Local Museum or Library

You don’t have to live in NYC or Chicago to enjoy a day of arts and culture. Many small towns are home to exquisite art galleries and feature museums that focus on local history. You can also visit your local library on a Saturday. They typically have children’s programs that will give you some time to forage for that book or magazine you’ve been dying to read.

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