5 Hotels For The Luxury Traveler

Brittany Reed
You need not look much further than a reality TV show to find a luxury hotel. The celebrities of today not only boast their favorite boutiques, they take you inside and up close to get the best view of what it’s like to travel in style.Read More

What To Pack On A Business Trip

Brittany Reed
Do you ever get return home from a business trip and wonder just why you packed all of those things that you thought you’d need, but didn’t? If this has ever happened to you, take flight with some of these business travel tips that will:Read More

Advice From Adventure Travel Bloggers

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They say that life itself can be an adventure. But doing laundry, cleaning the house, and going to the office 5 days a week is hardly anyone’s idea of fun. Sometimes, you just need to get out and find something exciting to do in the world.Read More

7 Best Business Friendly Hotels

Brittany Reed
What makes a hotel worthy of being on the list of being the best for business travelers? Is it the comfy beds, the expansive breakfast options, of the view from the top? Truthfully, these can all make a good hotel even better, but reliable Wi-Fi, early check-in, and late check-out and some of the knock-you-socks-off amenities that a great hotel can offer the road-weary business traveler.Read More

10 Travel Quotes To Live By

Brittany Reed
Some people love to travel. After spending some time at home, they get an itch that can be satisfied when they get back out on the road. Whether flying, driving, taking a train, or even hiking across the terrain of a foreign land, those who love travel love it deeply and passionately.Read More

5 Travel Rewards Programs To Secure

Brittany Reed
We’ve all seen the commercials asking what’s in our wallets, as well as the multiple other advertisements telling us why one reward program is better than another. With all of the frequent flier, frequent spender, and frequent traveler reward programs out there, it’s tough to know which ones are worth joining.Read More

5 Travel Apps We Can't Live Without

Brittany Reed
Need something right now? Chances are, there’s an app for that. When it comes to travelling, some apps can be your best friend, while others aren’t worth the time it takes to add them to your phone. In a world where a new app is born every minute, how do you know what ones you need and what ones should be left alone?Read More

5 Features We Wish Every Airport Lounge Had

Brittany Reed
Not all airport lounges are created equal. Some have splendors that are worthy of the most luxurious lifestyle, while others are barely a step above the local fast-food joint. Most of the better airport lounges have fantastic amenities, but often charge you an extra fee unless you’re a member of their affiliate.Read More

5 Adventure Travel Destinations We're Lusting Over

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The world is a pretty cool place to be and exploring it to its depths can be an amazing experience. When it comes to travel, there are those who just want an oceanfront condo where they can lounge by the sea all day. Others enjoy the slow charm of exploring an old country town. But there are those who would rather take a have their hearts beating a-mile-a-minute with a vacation that’s really more of an adventure. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, take your pick from one of these 5 amazing adventure destinations.Read More

4 Things To Bring On Your Business Trip And 1 Not To

Brittany Reed
Business trips can be exciting, but if you pack the wrong things to go with you, they can be frustrating. Sometimes, people pack too much of the things they’ll never use and not enough of the things that they’ll desperately need.Read More

The Best Airlines For The Foodie Traveler

Brittany Reed
If you consider yourself a foodie, you are dedicated to the pursuit of finding the most delicious and amazingly prepared foods in the world. Not only do you plan your evening meals with precision and detail, but you even plan your vacations to accommodate your fine palate. Finding new food adventures is your idea of a good time. But what if we told you that you can have a foodie adventure on the way to your next destination?Read More

Spotlight On Zeus

Brittany Reed
The first thing that you’ll notice when you look at the coolest messenger bag ever is the variety of colors that you can get it in. How many times have you found a bag that you like, only to find that it comes in the same boring color that everyone else has? 5 colors to choose from is only a small portion of what makes the ecbc Zeus Messenger Bag stand apart from the rest.Read More

Spotlight on Sparrow II

Brittany Reed
There are about a million things that we could say about the ecbc Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag. So, we’ll do our best to cut it down to a quarter-mil.Read More

Top 10 Summer Trips For The Whole Family

Brittany Reed
Summertime is almost here and that means it’s time for you to start planning your summer vacation! When it comes to families, finding a place to go that the whole crew can enjoy takes a lot of research, hope, and luck. Picking the right destination means picking a place where everyone can have a great time and make memories to last forever.Read More

Spotlight On Trident

Brittany Reed
Messenger bags can be found at just about every local department and discount stores in a range of prices with a range of features. And anyone who has ever bought a messenger bag from a discount retailer can tell you just how quickly they got the message: you get what you pay for.Read More

Spotlight On Lance

Brittany Reed
There are several meanings for the word lance, but the one we like the best is “to cut through,” which is what we like to do to our competition.Read More

Spotlight On Javelin

Brittany Reed
Though a javelin is a spear-like weapon, it’s also an Olympic event. In the event, athletes can win medals by throwing the javelin as far as possible. To date, the Olympic record stands at 90.57 meters (about 298 feet).Read More

Spotlight On Hercules

Brittany Reed
Hercules is one of the most famous heroes in Greek mythology. He was born to the father of all Greek gods, Zeus. Hercules was amazingly strong and his strength was noted among all mortals and gods alike. Though Hercules faced many trials and tribulations in his life, he was able to overcome all of them with his strength.Read More

Spotlight On Harpoon

Brittany Reed
Are you a serious traveler? Do you sometimes just want to pack a bag and get away for a weekend? And don’t you wish that you could find just the bag that could fulfill all of your needs so that the traveling is light? If you answered yes to all of the questions, you’re in luck. At ecbc, we have a way of making your baggage wishes come true.Read More

Spotlight On Falcon

Brittany Reed
Naming a piece of luggage is no easy task. Deciding on a word that can describe your item in precise detail means that research must be done to find an accurate representation. At ecbc, we knew that all of our luggage was worthy of names that stood for strength and ease. And so, after much research and deliberation, we settled on names that are well deserving of the items they represent.Read More

10 Luxury Travel Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed
Not everyone can afford to be a luxury travel expert, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live vicariously through one. If you love luxe, follow a few of these savvy travelers and get your fix.Read More

10 Business Traveler Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed
It’s all about business when you travel for your job. Of course, sometimes there’s a bit of pleasure involved, especially if you love to travel. Looking for a few bloggers to keep you company along the way? Someone who knows just what you’re going through and might be able to make the journey a bit easier? Look no further than the 10 travel bloggers below.Read More

What To Look For In A Wheeled Garment Bag

Brittany Reed
Looking back on traditional travel pieces, the one constant in business travel gear was the garment bag. With its lay-flat design essentially made to protect your business attire and keep it wrinkle-free, many a business traveler could be seen lugging one over their shoulder through airports around the world.Read More

Our 5 Favorite US Airports for Business Travelers

Brittany Reed
Though much can be said about some of the amazing airports that are found in other parts of the world, the U.S. can boast about a few domestic ports that have a lot going for them. Travel may be far shorter, but most frequent fliers can tell you that a layover in an amazing airport is far better than one in a not-so-great airport.Read More

The Difference Between Business Class & First Class

Brittany Reed
Class can play a big part in how you fly these days. First class flying is completely different than flying coach/economy, but what about business class? Are the differences that drastic, or is it just a different title to get the most out of the companies who fly their employees around the world? Truthfully, business class costs less than first class, but many times can be just as good.Read More

5 Ways To Make Business Travel Easier

Brittany Reed
When travelling, sometimes you get lucky. Every flight, every layover, every step of your airport experience goes according to plan. But for business travelers and frequent fliers, the odds are pretty good that you’ll have a poor experience on occasion. Not everything can be avoided and not all circumstances are aligned like the stars.Read More

10 Adventure Travel Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed
Everyone needs a little bit of travel and adventure in their lives. After all, this is what makes life worth living! So it stands to reason that traveling for adventure is the best way to live it up whenever you can.Read More

4 Ways To Stay Connected During A Long Business Trip

Brittany Reed
When it comes to keeping your home connections strong, business trips can be put a strain on your relationships. No matter how exciting the travel and the opportunity, being away from loved ones can be difficult. Whether you have kids, a partner, or even parents who worry about you, staying connected is important.Read More

3 Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Brittany Reed
A bucket list can be filled with many things, from reconnecting with old friends to making amends. But the best addition to any bucket list is a trip; and we’re not talking about a day at the beach. Where you go should be a place that calls to your soul and becomes your happy place when the world around you gets crazy.Read More

Our 5 Favorite International Airports For Business Travelers

Brittany Reed
Business travel can be fun and exciting. It can also be long and tiring if you have to stay for a long layover in an airport. There are good airports and there are not-so-good airports; but what makes one better than another?Read More
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