7 Things Business Travelers Know

Brittany Reed

There are travelers and there are business travelers. The difference between the two? Business travelers have probably logged more miles and seen more cities than the average leisurely-Lindsey. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it’s just that the more you travel, the more you learn. The wisdom that can be passed down from one seasoned travel pro can be worth more than a precious gemstone. Take a few minutes to learn what you can do to make your next trip better, for business or leisure.

Pack in advance
10 days out, make a list of what you’ll need to bring. 5 days out, start packing, from toiletries to shoes (tip: one pair of comfy walkers, one pair of dress ups). Use the rules of color for your clothing; stay neutral with mix & match colors like grey and navy, brown and beige, black and white. If you need a pop of color, bring a bright scarf or tie. Be fully packed 2 days before departure.

Don’t unpack
Business travelers know that packing is a daunting task and that’s why they don’t spend a lot of time doing it. Having a separate set of toiletries, make up, electronic chargers, business cards, and even pajamas that are always packed gives you an edge. Simply wash and restock as needed. You’ll only need to add your business attire before you go.

Utilize your time
7 Things Business Travelers KnowMost business travelers have plenty of downtime, from layovers to boring nights at the hotel. Use this time to catch up on writing, reading, meditating, catching up on social media, or little things that you won’t have to do at home. Order in delivery and make the most out of your time to just relax and be with your thoughts so you’ll be refreshed when you return home to your family.

Make a connection
If you know someone who lives in or near where you are staying, arrange to meet them. With so many social media connections, you’ll likely find someone, somewhere, who’d enjoy a cup of coffee and good face-to-face time. And on the off chance that have the opportunity to stay with a business associate, or a local contact, connect and make the most of it.

Stay healthy
It’s super-important to take care of yourself during travel. This means limiting your alcohol intake and increasing your water intake to avoid dehydration. Pack healthy and nutritious snacks like trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, and peanut butter packs to keep you from going into starvation mode. Take advantage of vitamins like C and zinc, and get plenty of sleep whenever possible.

Be nice
This is one of the best tips that a number of business travel experts swear by. When you smile at everyone you meet and treat them with kindness, you can get perks that you never thought about. Hotel room upgrades, faster times through security, extra reward points, and even better seats at an event are just a few things that kindness has gotten our pros. Besides, even if you get nothing tangible, just improving someone’s day is worth it.

And the number-one piece of advice from practically every business traveler out there is:

Never check your bags
Put those packing hacks to good use. As long as you keep everything with you, you’ll never have to stand around and wait for your stuff to arrive after you, nor will you need to worry about lost luggage. Pick the right piece of gear to avoid all the hassle, such as the ecbc Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag. It has the space, the protection, and the perfect measurements so you’ll have everything in one place for packing perfection.

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