7 Packing Hacks To Fit More In Your Luggage

Brittany Reed

Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure, packing your luggage can be a real headache. You want to fit all of your items inside a small bag for air travel, but between what you need to get there, and any souvenirs you may wish to bring home, this is much easier said than done at times. However, we want to outline a few of our favorite packing hacks that make fitting more into your luggage a simple reality. 7 packing hacks to fit more in your luggage include:

1.    Roll it up
Folding may be your standard clothing storage method at home, but ditch the fold in favor of the roll while you’re travelling. Rolling your clothes will allow you to get into every nook, cranny, and corner of your luggage, and your clothes will actually stay less wrinkled in the rolled method than if you’re folding them!

2.    Use shoe space
Your shoes take up a lot of space, and a lot of open space. Rather than allowing the space to go wasted, use the open room inside of your shoes to store smaller items. Inside of a plastic bag, store small toiletries, jewelry, or other items inside of your shoes to take up some of that space they’re leaving behind.

3.    Use dry cleaning bags
For clothing that cannot be rolled, like dresses and business clothes, use a dry cleaning bag before folding or setting in to pack. The plastic bag will help wrinkles from setting in to the fabric, and when you 7 Packing Hacks To Fit More In Your Luggagepull out your outfit to wear, it will look as fresh as the day you put it in.

4.    Fold and roll undergarments
It might seem like you’re saving space by stuffing undergarments wherever they fit, but folding and rolling actually helps to save room and keep things tidy. Better yet, roll up undergarments and squeeze them into spaces left by shoes or other larger open items.

5.    Use your socks
If you need to pack up any breakables for your trip, use your socks to your advantage. A nice thick pair of socks or hosiery can keep perfume bottles or other toiletries from breaking inside of your bag, and you’re saving space by using the socks you’re planning to pack anyway as protective material!

6.    Use contact cases for cosmetics
Instead of packing up entire bottles of your favorite foundation or other cosmetics, use small, cheap, and handy contact lens cases you can find at any pharmacy. This allows you to take just enough for your trip, not risk breaking cosmetics bottles inside of your luggage, and saves you space while providing a disposable (if you desire) way to take your makeup along.

7.    Cling wrap for jewelry
If you’re travelling with necklaces or other delicate jewelry items, press them between two sheets of cling wrap instead of in a box or bag that takes up more space. The cling wrap will keep your jewelry from knotting or breaking, and it uses very little room in your suitcase.

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