7 Of Our Favorite Airline Meals

Brittany Reed

From peanuts to filet of sole, the foods that are served on any given airline can vary. You might get a poached egg on toast, or you might get salmon eggs on toast points with a nice Chianti to wash it down. Of course, every flight is different and many meals depend on where you sit.

Not So Long Ago
It wasn’t too long ago when airlines were known for their food. Your parents and grandparents probably enjoyed semi-gourmet meals on flights from L.A. to N.Y. and everywhere in between. Today, meals are often scarce and snacks are more the way to go. In fact, many people bring their own snacks due to the lack of good food offerings on many flights. For example, Spirit Airlines offers you junk food snacks like Pringles and Ramen Cups but nothing in the way of real food. And don’t expect much more when you fly Frontier Airlines because beef jerky, Rice Krispy treats, and coffee are about as premium as you’re going to get.

Looking For The Best Meals
7 Of Our Favorite Airline MealsThat’s not to say that great in-flight meals don’t exist. They do, but you just need to know where to find them. JetBlue will give you cheese plates, kale salads, and noodle bowls if you’re travelling across the country, but you’ll need to stick with the free Terra Blue chips if your belly is growling on a shorter flight.

There are some really fantastic in-flight meals to be found out there, though. Mostly on airlines that are a bit off the beaten path, such as Singapore Airlines, or Pegasus Air. Meal selection does vary depending on the time of year, the chef in charge, and the seasonal offerings, so what you ate last year might not be available this year. However, for the airlines that provide delicious meals, chances are they’ll replace it with something equally as delicious.
When it comes to the top meals that have been consumed on international and domestic flights, there are 7 that will stay on our radar for all time as the quality was superb, the service was delightful, and the meal actually left us feeling like we just ate at a 5-star restaurant. The most memorable meals are as follows.

7) When flying Peach or Pegasus Airlines, the sushi and steaks are out of this world. And the price is right; no sacrificing taste for a lower cost.

6) Air Baltic gives you the option to create-you-own meal tray, so we created a delicious roasted chicken with roasted potatoes, edamame, and mushrooms. Served alongside was a fresh salad with herbs, freshly baked rye bread, and a slice of decadent chocolate cake.  

5) Lobster Thermidor and caviar served aboard Singapore Airlines. Need we say more?

4) Kids meals on Lufthansa/Eva Air are tough to beat; even adults love them! Featuring meatballs and sauce, fresh fettuccine pasta, grilled zucchini, garden salad, fruit salad, and a rich brownie, we had our fill.

3) Alaska Airlines partners up with restaurateur Tom Douglas, which is probably what makes the Red Miso Ginger Chicken with fried rice such a divine meal.

2) The best breakfast came on Austrian Airlines. This tasty meal included OJ, fresh fruit salad, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, and mushrooms, crispy smoked bacon, and a breakfast pastry with jam.
1) On Hawaiian Airlines, we were torn between the wine-braised short ribs with mashed taro root and the teriyaki turkey meatballs. This airline serves breakfast to dinner, and are complementary to all fliers regardless of class.

Now that you know, book your flight and go. Happy eating!

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