6 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack

Brittany Reed

Packing your bags for a trip is always an experience. If you’re flying far away, you’re going to go with the “less is more” method, bringing with you only a carry-on so you can skip those extra checked bag lines and give yourself a less stressful airport experience. 6 reasons to choose a backpack as your carry-on go-to are:

1.    Can be taken all along your trip
If you’re going on a tour, or expect to be expected in multiple locations during one short trip, you can’t get any better than a backpack. You can take all your belongings with you not only on your flight, but everywhere you go, and easily. For instance, if you’re taking a trip around France, you can hop from city to city with what you need while still keeping a full range of motion and without worry.

2.    Keep watch on your things easily
With your luggage on your back, you won’t be tempted to leave your luggage laid down while you take a phone call, grab a snack, or throw something away. You’ll be able to carry your luggage easily all through the airport and into the overhead carry-on compartment by yourself, and keep your luggage on your back while traveling about your destination.

3.    Reminds you to pack lightly
Packing only the essentials is always recommended when traveling by air, and a backpack helps you to remember to do so. Since you’re carrying your luggage on your back, you can feel immediately if you’ve over packed, and you can adjust your luggage to better suit your needs.

6 Reasons To Travel With A Backpack4.    Stairs and escalators are a breeze
Going up stairs or riding an escalator while holding a rolling bag or duffel bag can be tough, but a backpack makes it a breeze. No need to juggle with bulky luggage or balancing wheels on moving escalator platforms, as all your luggage is resting safely and out of the way while strapped onto your back.

5.    Less likely to be stolen
Having luggage stolen is a worry that goes through many traveler’s minds. The way a backpack sits on the back and through the arms makes it very difficult to steal when compared to other types of luggage, which gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe with you no matter where you may be traveling.

6.    Perfect for excursions
If you’re taking a vacation, or you have a day or two to sightsee while on a business trip, a backpack is perfect for carrying you through all those day-long excursions. It can be filled with water, snacks, maps, and anything else you may need, while the rest of your belongings are left safely at your hotel. You’ll never need to worry about packing an extra bag, or finding yourself unprepared.

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