6 Places To Spend A Relaxing Getaway In The United States

Brittany Reed

If you want a vacation you can truly spend relaxing and reviving, you don’t have to leave the United States. Typically, a deeply relaxing vacation is spent abroad in locations like Italy or the Caribbean, but we have some true gems within the continental 48 worthy of some travelling attention. 6 places to spend a relaxing getaway in the United States include:

1.    Dry Tortugas, Florida
If you really want to get away from it all, Dry Tortugas in Florida is where you want to go. Located 70 miles from Key West, the island must be reached by a small plane or boat, and was discovered in the 1500’s by Ponce de Leon. The island is perfect for snorkelers, as the walls around the island have created an artificial underwater habitat for several different species.

2.    Carova Beach, North Carolina
On the northernmost outpost of the Outer Banks, Carova Beach must be reached using a 4x4 vehicle. On the island there are no hotels, no tourist spots, and no shops, but only beach houses along the 11 miles of pristine beach. In the summer, Carova Beach remains quiet, and the island is littered with roaming wild horses.

6 Places To Spend A Relaxing Getaway In The United States3.    Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada border
While tourists are abundant in Lake Tahoe, it’s also a year-round vacation spot priding itself on offering the best of the best in relaxation. For those looking for a natural experience, the steep cliffs, majestic mountains, and serene lake provide the perfect backdrop, but a myriad of spas and great shopping give something a bit exciting as well.

4.    Napa Valley, California
Not just for wine lovers, Napa Valley is full of charming small hotels, artisan shops, incredible food, and of course some of the best wine in the world. These tourist type hot-spots are tucked between acres of beautiful natural scenery, giving a relaxing experience during any time of the year.

5.    Stowe, Vermont
From riding horses along trails in grassy fields, to taking in spa treatments in an off-season ski resort, Stowe, Vermont provides guests an experience in relaxation. Many of the restaurants located in and around Stowe are farm to table, giving guests the true fresh farm to table experience, and plenty of local breweries offer beverages to wash all that great food down. For sweets lovers? The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream headquarters is located close by.

6.    St. Regis Deer Valley, Utah
This resort is best experienced in the summer, as the winter sees the hustle and bustle of the skiing crowd. During the summer, St. Regis Deer Valley features pools and incredible views, and in the resort’s rooms guests are provided butler service to allow them to completely relax. In the summertime, hiking and fly-fishing are just two activities keeping guests relaxed and entertained.

If you want to truly unwind, you don’t have to travel far and wide to do so. With these local destinations located in the continental 48, you get the benefit of a shorter journey to your destination, while still feeling like you’re a world away.

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