6 Airport Hacks

Brittany Reed

Just like there seems to be an app for everything these days, turns out there’s a hack for just about everything as well. No, we’re not talking about something illegal; this is the good kind of hack is that can save you time and get you to the right place faster and easier than traditional pathways.

Luckily, if you’re a frequent traveler, there are plenty of airport hacks out there that will make your life a little bit easier. We all know how tricky the airport can be and the odds of getting through without a single hitch are probably stacked against you. With a few hacks and plenty of pre-planning, you’ll have an easier time of it as you continue on your travel adventure.

  • Drink Hacks. When it comes to hydration, you just can’t get enough if you’re flying. Flying can actually dehydrate you without you even knowing it. One way to ensure that you’re getting enough liquid is to bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up inexpensively once you get through security. Also, if you order a drink in-flight, ask for the rest of the can or bottle; they’ll often give it to you. And stay away from too much alcohol as this can cause dehydration at high altitude.
  • 6 Airport HacksTravel-Size Hacks. These days you can find travel sized items in just about every category, from your favorite overnight cream to your designer hairspray. When planning your trip, start seeking out and buying your goods in the TSA approved travel sizes. This way you know that you’ll get them through security and you won’t need to throw them out if they don’t meet the size-requirements. If you need to buy 2 to get you through, it’s better than losing the one big one that you tried to sneak through.
  • Parking Hacks. Doing some research before your trip can help you determine the best parking lots and rates while you’re gone. There are discount park and ride websites that can find you a better rate than that $40 dollar-a-day airport fee. When you do park, take a few pictures on your phone to help you remember exactly where you are and even how to get there once you arrive back on the ground.
  • Charging Hacks.  One important hack that everyone should know is to bring a portable battery charger on your trip. If you’re stuck in any airport, you’ll be able to charge your phone, laptop, and other gear without fighting over a port. Look for luggage that has a portable power bank, such as the ecbc Sparrow II, or just purchase a separate power bank to go with any gear. And bringing a plug extension strip is a wise way to have extra outlets that you can share.
  • TSA Hacks. Try signing up for TSA Precheck or Global Entry to make your way past long lines. When choosing a line, go to the farthest line to the left. Studies show that most people tend to go to the right first, so left lines are often shorter. Gather all of your change, jewelry, and loose items in your carry-on or purse instead of your pockets to get through line faster. And if you have items with batteries, remove the batteries to avoid security concerns.
  • Resting Hacks. Travelling can be tiring. Take a look around your airport for those that offer sleeping pods for a minimal fee (such as those at London’s Heathrow) or just a place where you can kick back and get some shut-eye while you wait. You might even use your frequent flier miles to have access to an airport lounge. Many airports have a designated chapel where folks can go for some peace, and this is a great place to get some rest. And booking a red-eye will give you plenty of shut-eye as you fly.

Now that you have a list of hacks, you’ll travel with ease and continue to enjoy the pleasures of the airport, no matter how long you might find yourself there.

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