6 Tips For Travel With Just A Backpack

Brittany Reed

The ultimate in carry-on only travel is backpack travel, and backpack travel has become something of a rite of passage for young people in recent decades. Not only for young people, adventurers and lovers of travel can benefit quite a bit from traveling out of only a simple backpack, like bypassing long baggage checking lines and not being burdened by heavy suitcases or luggage, and we at ecbc have several backpacks perfect for trying this travel method out for yourself. 6 tips for travel with just a backpack include:

1. Half everything – Not literally, of course, you don’t want to chop your pants into one leg and your shirts into half of a shirt. What this means is to take everything you think you need, and toss half of it out of the equation. On average, people tend to pack twice as much as the actually use or need, and this takes up a great deal of space and weight they now have to deal with for no reason. When traveling with just a backpack, take what you think you need, even if it’s pared down, and keep just half.

2. Choose a color palette and stick with it – Are you doing jewel tones and brights? Neutrals? Pastels? Take one color palette and use just that for all of your wardrobe. What this allows you to do is mix and match all of your clothing easily and flawlessly, and everything will naturally match.

3. Only pack multi-way items – If you have a pair of dress sandals that only work with one outfit, leave them at home. A top that only goes with one skirt? Leave that as well. When traveling out of a backpack, you want to maximize the use of everything taking up space, and this means packing only articles of clothing and accessories that can be used in more than one way. If you have a comfortable sandal that can go with shorts on an excursion and a skirt during dinner, those are what you want taking up space in your pack.


4. Know where to skimp – A pair of denim pants is going to have a much longer wear-life before needing to be washed when compared to a fabric tee shirt or socks and underwear. For this reason, pack for how many times you can wear and item, and know what articles you can skimp on. What you want is more space taken up by articles that need it, like undergarments and cotton shirts, and less space taken up by heavier fabrics that can withstand more without a wash.

5. Wear your bigger items while traveling – While it may be tempting to wear that pair of light cotton shorts on the plane, it’s smarter to wear the denim pants and the jacket instead. Whatever you’re wearing while traveling to your destination is something that doesn’t need to go into the backpack taking up valuable room.

6. Purchase your toiletries at your destination – Shampoo, soaps, razors, and the like, all take up space that is pretty unnecessary when you consider what can be purchased at your destination. Rather than taking all of your toiletries along with you, simply wait and purchase small sized items when you get off of the plane.

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