5 Travel Hacks

Brittany Reed

Traveling has the end goal of being fun, maybe even an enriching or educational experience for the people going on a trip. But not everything about travel is fun. Packing, going through customs, even buying tickets can all be stressful and sap some of the joy out of the experience of traveling.

But there are ways for you to get the most out of your trip and make some smart choices that can save you time, money or both! Just try these five easy travel hacks and see how they can improve your next trip!

Clear Cookies When Buying Tickets Online
Airline ticket vendors love trying to entice first time shoppers with great deals on tickets. Not so much people that are visiting the website for the umpteenth time, however. Cookies on your phone or computer may be getting in the way of you enjoying some decent, lower, introductory prices on your airline tickets, so taking the time to empty out that cache can save you some money on your next ticket purchase.

Try Rolling Your Clothes
Most people will pack their clothes into their suitcase by folding them. That works, but if you’re trying to squeeze as much stuff as possible into your suitcases, it’s not actually the most efficient way to pack. ROLLING your clothes into something resembling a paper towel roll takes up much less space in a suitcase than folded clothes. This kind of space saving is especially important on the return trip if you have any gifts or souvenirs you don’t want to pack in your carry-on bags.

For extra comfort, try sticking in a dryer sheet as well so you can keep your clothes smelling nice and kill off any static electricity if you’re going to a dry destination.

Get TSA Pre-Checks And/Or Global Entry
5 Travel HacksThis is especially important for people that travel regularly. If you’re an infrequent traveler, the long line ups for airport security and customs may actually be a novelty. If you’re an old hand at traveling, few things are as mind numbingly irritating as the long waits in airports to get through security.

American travelers have the option of a TSA pre-check for either local or international flights. For a fee, this puts you on the “low risk” list, and means you can do things like keep your shoes on during security checks, or bypass certain immigration lines when coming back from international flights.

Use Social Media Like FourSquare To Get WiFi Passwords
We’re now living in an age where a café or bar without Internet access is pretty much like going to a home without indoor plumbing. However, getting the passwords to access a wifi network in an area isn’t always the easiest thing.

One quick way around this is to look at social media about the place you’re at. FourSquare, for example, is pretty good about having people leave wifi passwords for places that others can look up. There’s no point in using all that data on your data plan if you don’t have to.

Buy Snacks From Local Stores
Once you’ve arrived, your best bet for snacks and food will be at some kind of local corner or convenience store. Stock up on water and small snacks at these places for nibbling, because the prices will be much more reasonable than what you’ll pay at either the airport or the hotel.

A soft drink is always reasonably priced when you buy it from a local merchant. That same soft drink is usually ridiculously priced when you’re thirsty and decide to pull it from the hotel mini-fridge. Be smart with your snack money.

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