5 Travel Apps We Can't Live Without

Brittany Reed

Need something right now? Chances are, there’s an app for that. When it comes to travelling, some apps can be your best friend, while others aren’t worth the time it takes to add them to your phone. In a world where a new app is born every minute, how do you know what ones you need and what ones should be left alone?

For those who travel a lot, some apps can help make life a little bit easier. Proper planning is the key to a trip that is less stressful and more relaxed. When it comes to the apps that you just can’t live without, here’s the 5 that we think you need to add ASAP.

Google Trips. (Free; iOS and Android)
For those who need to know where you’re going at every second, and what you’re supposed to be doing, Google Trips is the app for you. All of your travel information from your Gmail gets organized into one spot. Itineraries, meeting information, important emails from the boss, and more are at your fingertips. Best of all, it’s all gathered offline so you won’t need to search for a Wi-Fi hotspot to know where to go next.

MyTSA. (Free; iOS and Android)
Yes, Twitter is a great way to discover how far behind your flight is on any given day, but this app does a bit more than that. Not only does it give you wait times for getting through security and delay times across the country, you’ll also have access to locations of TSA PreCheck. You can’t go wrong with the “Can I Bring?” section that lets you type in anything and everything you might pick up to see if it’s ok to bring home. And on the off chance that this is your first trip, every TSA procedure out there is explained in the app.

5 Travel Apps We Can't Live Without

Accuweather. (Free; iOS and Android)
No matter where you go, keeping a fair eye on the horizon is important. Bad weather can happen at a moment’s notice, and if you have the Accuweather app, you’ll have that notice in advance. Who wants to leave the hotel for that important business meeting only to arrive looking like a drenched rat due to an “unexpected” rain shower? Accuweather is the best at international forecasts as well, so don’t leave home without it.

Expensify. (Free; iOS and Android)
Keeping track of what you spend on your business trip is essential. Instead of stuffing your receipts into your daypack, simply take a picture of them with your phone and the image gets stored for you. Once you log what you have spent, it gets sent to expensify.com where you can access it later from your computer at work or home. Once all expenses are entered, you can compile them into one report for submission. Done and done.

Here WeGo. (Free; iOS and Android)
When traveling abroad, it’s important to know how to find your way around. With this app, you’ll get turn-by-turn navigation in over 100 countries. You can customize it for your mode of transport, such as walking or bussing, and you can even get indoor maps for certain public buildings. The fact that you can download maps for easy offline use make this one a winner.

Get to your app store before your next trip and grab these, if you don’t have them already. You’ll be glad you did.

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