5 Tips On Making Business Travel More Enjoyable

Brittany Reed

I can’t wait to go on my next business trip—it’s going to be a blast! Said no business traveler, ever.

Sure, there are trips where you found a few things to do that we’re fun, or you met a few cool people to hang out with after the workshops ended, but business travel is hardly ever thought of as a great time.

Though the average business trip is full of meetings and conferences, there is also plenty of downtime that can be used to your advantage. You might not be able to turn your business trip into a luxury vacation, but we’ve done a bit of research to find 5 ways to make your next business trip better than ever.

Find Out About The Food
5 Tips On Making Business Travel More EnjoyableForget the pizza-chain delivery and eat something different. Even if your hotel has a great restaurant, get out and eat like the locals do. You might find a place that’s been in business for years and serves up a classic, or you might hit a new hot-spot that’s just catching on. Either way, you’ll have a good time with the experience and you might even find a few new favorites.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but exploring the city you’re stuck in can be a great way to expand your mind. Every city, big or small, has a history; every city has something that makes them unique. Talk to the front desk staff and find out what makes their city shine. If there’s a beach nearby, catch some waves and sun. A historical landmark? Take a selfie. Check out the area when you have an hour or two to explore. You’ll be able to tell some great stories when you get home!

See A Flick
When you’re at home, there’s always something to do that keeps you busy. Your free time might not be so free if you have a family or a home to care for. When you’re on the road, take advantage of your time and head to the movie theater to see a film that you’ve been dying to see. A live show might be a good option if you’re in a city with a great theater company. Either way, buy a ticket and enjoy the show.

Catch Up With Friends
In the age of social media, everyone has a friend somewhere out there. Look up one of your Facebook friends or Linked In buddies that you’ve chatted with for years, but never had the chance to meet, and set up a date for coffee or drinks. Bonus points if you have family or friends who live within a couple of hours drive; it might be well worth the car rental to have a little face-to-face time. Human interaction is a must.

Get Gaming
Hitting Vegas? You better check out the casinos and all they have to offer. Near the local horse track? Go watch those babies run! But even local sporting events can be fun. From April to October, you’ll find baseball, from single A to the majors. NFL teams often have training camps at local colleges where you can watch them practice. Even high school sports can be exciting and who knows; you might just see the next Derek Jeter or Michael Irvin on the way up the ranks.

It might be tempting to hang out in your room and watch TV, but there are plenty of ways to make some incredible memories while you have the chance.

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