5 Tips For Packing Smart On Your Next Business Trip

Brittany Reed

Business travel can be exciting, it can be stressful, and it can be very rewarding. Packing for business travel is often one of the most difficult parts of the process, but with a bag like our Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag in a carry-on size can make things much easier. To solve some of your packing woes, we have 5 tips for packing smart on your next business trip:

1.    Don’t check it if you don’t have to
Ideally, you will not have to check any bag during your business trip. Sure, your company may reimburse you for checked bag fees, but what they can’t reimburse you for is the time spent waiting in lines and going through extra security simply because you want to check a bag. With smarter packing, you shouldn’t need to check a bag, and you can simply work with a laptop bag or backpack and a rolling carry-on like our Falcon Wheeled Duffle.

2.    Rely on tech, not paper
Bringing your favorite book or magazine along to pass the time while in the air or waiting in the airport is a good idea, but relying on tech is a better one. Today’s modern tablets can hold all your favorite books, newspapers, and magazine subscriptions on one small piece of tech, and our FastPass bags make taking your tech along with you even easier.

5 Tips For Packing Smart On Your Next Business Trip 3.    Ditch color
Color is great for your regular every day, but it makes packing light considerably more difficult. Rather than packing with a flair for fashion, stick to your neutrals and you’ll be able to mix and match more of your wardrobe so you can pack less. Sticking to one type of neutral color palette can also help you to only need to pack one or two pairs of shoes, which take up quite a bit of space in your luggage.

4.    Charge up before you leave
Your smartphone, your tablet, and your laptop can all do with a quick full charge before you embark on your trip. This will allow you to pack away your chords and chargers, and you won’t need to worry about messing up your clothing or your packing order trying to dig them out while in the airport. With a FastPass bag, you can keep your chords neatly organized and in your FastPass bag without having to rearrange.

5.    Roll when you can, and use up empty space
One of the top packing hacks for any trip is rolling your clothing instead of folding it, but business suits and items used for business travel can’t always be rolled. Fold what needs to be folded, but take underclothes, socks, toiletries, and other items and pack them using the rolling method or storing in empty space. The space left inside shoes is perfect for keeping small toiletry items safe, and pockets are great for storing rolled up pairs of socks.

With these few packing hacks, prepping for your next business trip is made much easier while alleviating some stress.

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