5 Tips For Airsickness Relief

Brittany Reed

Airsickness can be a really tough thing to battle, making travelers miserable even on short flights. Airsickness is a form of motion sickness, and while it’s quite rare with modern commercial airlines when compared to the airplanes of decades ago, it still occurs within a small portion of the population. Statistics show that around one half of one percent of travelers experience nausea to the point of getting sick on an airplane, while just over 8% of travelers have experienced some type of nausea while flying according to a study performed by the University of Southampton in England. So, what can you do if you begin feeling airsick? 5 tips for airsickness relief are:

1.    Control your consumption
If you are prone to feeling a little airsick, try to take control of your consumption situation. This means not eating yourself to full right before getting on a flight, but not starving yourself either. Eat a couple of hours before boarding, and focus on consuming foods that are easy to digest and digest well. Rather than greasy fried chicken, choose a grilled chicken breast, and instead of wine, opt for clear soda instead. This will help you to put your stomach at ease before exposing yourself to motion.

2.    Pick your seat ahead of time
If you’re able, choosing your seat ahead of time can be extremely beneficial to curbing airsickness. A plane moves on an axis, and the seats over the wings of the plane will typically experience the least amount of motion. The further you go from the wings, the more motion you’re like to feel. By choosing a seat over the wing, you’re giving yourself your best chance of not experiencing motion sickness symptoms.

3.    Use verbal placebos
5 Tips For Airsickness ReliefA study performed by the American Psychological Association found that using verbal placebos can be surprisingly effective in curbing motion sickness by air, sea, or car. Simply relax yourself and tell yourself that you won’t be sick, and you can take your mind off of the motion sickness as you help yourself to feel better in the process. Before you get on the plane, give yourself a pep talk, and refer back to that pep talk if you begin feeling queasy while in flight.

4.    Take some ginger
In a tea, a candy, or a chew, ginger has been shown to be great for motion sickness. 1 to 2 grams of ginger around 30 minutes before takeoff can settle the stomach enough that airsickness won’t begin feeling too bad, or you may not even feel it at all. Ginger comes in many forms, and ginger candies can even be taken on the flight with you.

5.    Use pressure point devices
Pressure point devices on the wrist have been shown to be effective in aiding airsickness for some. These bracelet devices use small plastic bumps that rest against certain pressure points, and even if they don’t necessarily work for you, they also can’t hurt. These are frequently seen on cruise ships and in cars, and work just as well when flying in the air.

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