5 Things To Bring With You The Next Time You Fly International

Brittany Reed

Taking an international trip, whether for business, school, or pleasure, is always an exciting event. Wanderlust is satiated when you step foot on the plane knowing you’re touching down in an entirely new part of the world, and the feeling is adventurous and fun even if you’re about to brave a particularly long flight. To keep yourself a bit more comfortable during those long international trips, so you can enjoy each leg of the adventure, 5 things to bring along with you are:

1.    Noise cancelling headphones
Noise cancelling headphones tend to have a much higher price point than regular headphones, but they are never more worthwhile than on an international flight. With noise cancelling headphones you can be fully immersed in your entertainment, should you choose to watch movies or listen to music, and you’re completely blocked from chatter, engine noise, or other surrounding sounds. If you’re trying to pass the time with a nap, they can even be worn with nothing playing at all, so you can simply enjoy the silence.

5 Things To Bring With You The Next Time You Fly International2.    USB cables
Many modern planes that fly internationally are equipped with USB charging ports built right into your seats. On long flights, when you’re watching and reading using your technology to pass the time, a USB cable can be your new best friend ensuring your entertainment remains without running out of power. Tucking one into your carry-on bag or laptop bag can save you from finding yourself bored a couple of hours in.

3.    Lap blanket
An international flight can get quite chilly, especially if you’re trying to sleep, so tucking a lap blanket into your carry-on can help to keep you comfortable and cozy. While some airlines provide small blankets to passengers, bringing along your own favorite small blanket ensures you have one you love.

4.    A blue or black ink pen
When travelling to certain countries or destinations, you may find that you have some basic information forms to fill out before touching down. Your flight attendants will be unlikely to have enough pens for everyone, and filling the forms out at the airport wastes valuable time. By packing your own blue or black ink pen in your carry-on bag or laptop bag, you’re prepared and you can use your time in the air to fill out any information you may need to.

5.    Have your destination address ready
Filling out those aforementioned forms will usually mean putting down where you plan to be staying for the duration of your trip. Having the full address of your hotel or room ready can help to save you time when filling the information out, and when you’re ready to leave the airport and get the real fun part of your trip started. If there is a language barrier, having the address written down can aid in avoiding any miscommunication with taxi drivers or when seeking out directions.

When you’re prepared, an international trip is a really wonderful experience. For inexperienced travelers, these few tips can give you a great foundation of what it takes to fly internationally with ease and comfort.

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