5 Reasons To Love ECBC

Brittany Reed

We sell the best luggage, duffle bags, backpacks, or messenger bags you’ll ever own. That’s what ecbc is all about. Though there are many reasons why you should fall in love with ecbc, these are 5 of the best.

5) The ecbc Story
The ecbc founder and CEO Jean-Luc Annet took inspiration from this experience with packaging and protection of electronic devices and coupled it with his experience as a frequent business traveler to create something amazing. The company focus has always been on what travelers carry, how they carry it, and how secure they feel as they rapidly make their way through plane connections and hotel lobbies. Ecbc bags are designed to be efficient, protective and durable -- strong and lightweight luggage meant for speeding busy travelers through TSA and keeping them on track. And the ecbc test drive lets you buy an item, check it out at home, and return it if you decide it’s not for you. What’s not to love?
4) The Sparrow II
The best piece of luggage that you’ll ever own. The Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag is a must-have for anyone who travels. The perfect dimensions for a carry-on (22” x 14” x 9”) mean that you’ll never have to check a bag again. The organizational space includes mesh pockets and removable mesh compartments that keep your belongings separated between garment and duffle sections. The construction is nearly indestructible and the electronics compartments are made of protective, high-density foam to keep your gear safe. Plus it has the ecbc FastPass system; need we say more?

5 Reasons To Love ECBC3) Portable Power Banks
Having the power to charge your device without searching the airport for an available port can make a difference between peace and frustration. At ecbc, the personal portable power pack charges 2 small electronic devices concurrently when you don't have access to a power outlet. Rapid charge technology delivers a quick recharge when you need it most with either a 2100mAh or a 1000mAh charge rate. Both the Sparrow II and the 22” Falcon Duffle come with their own personal power bank.

2) The ecbc FastPass System
Everyone who travels for business travels with some kind of electronic gear. Some people travel with just a tablet and a phone, others bring the whole office along on their trip. If you pack a laptop, you’ll need the cables and connections that go with it. Add a phone and its charger and you’re looking at a lot of gear. The ecbc FastPass system lets you leave all of your cables, cords, and electronic gear in one place that unzips easily and lies flat so you can get through TSA faster and without unpacking everything you own and putting it in a dirty bin. Fabulous.   

1) The Gear Construction
All of the items found at ecbc are pretty much indestructible. Each piece is made with either ballistic nylon or outdoor tested Kodra nylon, which makes them puncture resistant, water resistant, and tough-as-nails. Ecbc gear is also made with premium YKK zippers, which are lockable, water-sealing, and self-repairing. The high-density foam pockets will protect your laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device and most gear comes with a RFID front pocket to protect your information.

Try it and you’ll see why we feel the love every day.

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