5 Lesser Thought-Of Travel Destinations You Should Check Out Now

Brittany Reed

The Caribbean, the Maldives, the South of France, a tour of the British Isles – there are some travel destinations that seemingly reside on everyone’s favorites or bucket list. However, there is a big, wide, and beautiful world out there, and we want to outline some incredible travel destinations that perhaps you haven’t really considered before. The 5 lesser thought-of travel destinations you should check out now are:

1.    Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia has transformed from the graffiti hewn streets of the Yugoslav wars to a hip up and coming city perfect for history buffs, foodies, and beer lovers alike. Try a plate of smoky sausages called Cevapi, kebabs seasoned with plenty of paprika, or stuffed somborka peppers, and wash it all down with a Salto’s IPA from a 100-year-old brewery in Cetinjska.

2.    Devon, England
Rather than choosing London as your UK vacation destination du jour, you might want to check out Devon instead. Specializing in a cozy and authentic rural English experience, enjoy sipping creamy tea while looking out over Devon’s beach surf. Two new hotel locations are perfect for travelers looking for a really unique English experience with the Secular Retreat and the newly revamped Lympstone Manor.

5 Lesser Thought-Of Travel Destinations You Should Check Out Now3.    Guayaquil, Ecuador
Guayaquil in Ecuador is a frequent stop for travelers, but normally only for a day or two on their way to an excursion in the Galapagos. However, this stopover city has plenty to offer in its own right for those who want to make a stay of it. The Hotel de Parque, for instance, overlooks the river, boasts incredible food, has 44 rooms, and all with a 19th century historic colonial flair. A massage spa is located in the building’s original bell tower, offering breathtaking views of the city.

4.    Indianapolis, Indiana
Not just a flyover stop in the Midwest, Indianapolis is slated to be the next great gastro-travel destination. If vacationers want a unique and truly memorable culinary vacation, reconsider going abroad and check out what Indianapolis has to offer instead. Fresh local fares served in a minimalist way that focuses on natural flavors entices visitors and locals alike, and a massive Sun King distillery slated to open later in 2017 will surely be the perfect pairing to wash it all down.

5.    Nicaragua
Whether you want to hike through the hills on horseback, or relax with some spa treatments by the pool, Nicaragua offers it all. The rain forest tours and snorkeling excursions will wow even the most seasonal outdoor traveler, while the Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat is comprised of an intimate 8 villas sprawled across 1,300 acres of pristine Nicaraguan mountainside with floor to ceiling windows. The boutique hotels on the coastal side are ideal for those looking for a new twist on an exotic and memorable beach vacation.

While these are just a few of some up and coming memorable vacation destinations, there is a whole world out there of incredible places to visit. It’s never too late to give something new a try!

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