5 Hotels For The Business Traveler

Brittany Reed

Feel like you’re travelling a lot these days? Maybe you can’t even remember what city you were in just 3 trips ago; and maybe you remember it all-too-well thanks to the lousy hotel you had to stay in!

Business Travel; It’s Exciting But Exhausting
Business travel can be exciting and it can be exhausting. That which was once an exciting perk to your job (“see the world as you travel to exotic locations”) becomes a dreaded task after a few trips that are more flop than fun.  Travel can be tiring and what you really want is a hotel where you can kick back and relax after a long flight and prepare your mind before you stand up and present the newest corporate material to your clients. If you end up in a no-tell motel, you’ll likely find little to relax about and more to worry about than you bargained for.

Just In Case You Have A Choice–Choose One Of These
Sometimes you have no control over where you stay, based on where your company books you. But just on the off-chance that you have an option to weigh in on the subject, there are plenty of hotels out there that not only cater to the business traveler—they welcome them with open arms and plentiful amenities.

We’ve put together a list of domestic and international hotels for your consideration the next time you have a business trip on the agenda. Are there other hotels that cater to business warriors? There are. But for some of the best experiences you’ll find worldwide, these are the top 5 we’ve come up with.

1.  Heading to New York?
Head to 11 Howard, where you’ll be right in the middle of the action between Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Bowery. You’ll have access to the on-site French restaurant, plenty of work space for you and the gang, and electric skateboard access if you dare. Plus, a portion of your room fee goes to the Global Poverty Project.

2.  Superior Treatment In South Africa
Nelson Mandela opened this hotel in 1997 and you’d be hard-pressed to find one better. At The Table Bay in Cape Town, the service is impeccable, the amenities are plentiful, and the personal chefs on hand will cater your meeting or event with food that’s delectable.

3.  The San Francisco Treat
In the South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood, you’ll find InterContinental San Francisco. It’s right next to the Convention Center and close to Union Square. You’ll get free Wi-Fi, one-hour suit pressing, and an unpacking service that will make you wish you never had to go through that task again.

4.  G’Day, Sidney
5 Hotels For The Business TravelerIt’s prestigious and gorgeous, form the floor-to-ceiling windows to the 74 acre botanical park at your doorstep. At the Park Hyatt, the 24-hour butler service means that your every wish is their command. Plus, the morning wake-up view of the famous Sydney Opera House will boost your senses better than that first cuppa Joe.

5.  Miami Heat
EPIC Hotel in Miami, Florida has the perfect mix of business and pleasure. You’ll arrive by yacht and be escorted to your room with a private balcony that lets you take in the sights on Miami nightlife without stepping a foot outside your door. You’ll find a free yoga mat in your room, coffee and tea each morning with your free newspaper, and an evening wine hour daily.

You’ll not only remember these hotels fondly for a few weeks after the trip; you’ll likely remember them forever.

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