5 Features We Wish Every Airport Lounge Had

Brittany Reed

Not all airport lounges are created equal. Some have splendors that are worthy of the most luxurious lifestyle, while others are barely a step above the local fast-food joint. Most of the better airport lounges have fantastic amenities, but often charge you an extra fee unless you’re a member of their affiliate.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every airport lounge offered a few of the same amenities to everyone, fee-free, regardless of what membership you carry? How about:

5 Features We Wish Every Airport Lounge HadA Relaxation Room
Relaxation rooms where you can get a message, enjoy a soak in the hot tub or Jacuzzi, or relax with some calming music and aromatherapy would be fantastic. How about a nap room where overtired passengers can get a few winks between flights? Those who have been cooped up can benefit from an open courtyard full of greenery and natural lighting that can bring the oxygen and calm back to the brain. Overstuffed chairs for reading make travel less stressful, as does a place for a few Yoga or Tai Chi poses pre-flight.

A Recreation/Entertainment Area
Sometimes you just want to get moving after you’ve been sitting for so long, and a great airport lounge should have a recreation area where you can do just that. Pool tables, air hockey, an indoor walking track, a few stationary bikes, and even a bowling lane or two would keep things fun. For those who want to catch up on their TV shows or movies, an area of private screens and comfy seating would help pass the time. Why not throw in an art gallery and a few live musicians to keep things lively? We can only wish.

A Fun Room For The Kiddies
Travelling with children can be, well, daunting. How about giving them their own space where they can decompress with games, music, a dance party, or even a few video games? For older kids, offer comfortable seating where they can plug in and tune out. Younger kids can make use of indoor playground equipment or even a free library. Non-parental adult supervision means that their troublemaking abilities would be limited while you hang out in the hot tub with a glass of wine.

Complimentary Cocktails and Apps
We don’t mean phone apps, we mean appetizers! From Swedish meatballs to crudité, we think that all airport lounges should offer something to nosh on while you wait for your next flight. In-flight eats have changed so much (and often cost so much) that what you get at the lounge is often all you’ll have until you check in to your final destination. From healthy fare like fresh fruit and veggies to a substantial flatbread pizza, we’ll take it. Of course, a cold drink to go along with it would be pleasing to the palate. Mock-tail, cocktail, soda, or coffee, a little something to sip would be heaven.

Superior Service
OK, we don’t need to be waited on hand-and-foot, or have our every move complimented; but it sure would be nice! Of all the things that we wish for in every airport worldwide, it’s the kindness that we struggle to find. Yes, there are many airport lounge employees who will go the distance to see that every passenger is comfortable, but our wish list means that every employee would give the gold-star treatment to every customer, every time. How are we doing today? Do we need anything? Have a great flight! If a smile could take you around the world, this would be the place to start.

It’s a wish list to be sure, but every reality must start with a dream; so dream big!

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