5 Cold Weather Vacation Destinations You’ll Love

Brittany Reed

While most people love a nice and warm place to relax, there are others who prefer some great scenery and a little chill in the air instead. To switch it up for your next vacation, you can escape to a cold weather destination that offers something a little different than the experience you’re used to. 5 cold weather vacation destinations you’ll love include:

1.    Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria, Germany is perfect for those who love snow sports, spas, history, and incredibly beautiful views. The various snowy peaks in the Bavarian mountains are perfect for skiing downhill or cross country, snow tubing, sledding, and snowboarding, and after a day of outdoor fun, you can relax in one of the area’s many top spas. For dessert lovers, the region is known to make some of the best sweets and desserts in the world.

2.    Aspen, Colorado
If you’re planning to stay domestic, Aspen, Colorado is considered by many to be the ultimate in cold weather vacation destinations. Like Bavaria, the region offers a multitude of different snow and cold weather outdoor sports and activities, and plenty of places to warm up after a long day of fun. Sledding, ice skating, and skiing can be enjoyed by the entire family, and then you can warm up with a cup of cocoa by the fire inside of your resort hotel. For shoppers, Aspen also includes world-class shopping destinations as well as five star food to finish the afternoon off with lunch.

5 Cold Weather Vacation Destinations You’ll Love3.    Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska, while part of the United States, is far from anything the continental US has to offer. Visitors who travel to Fairbanks can catch stunning natural light shows from the Northern Lights during the night, and the first snowfalls as early as September. Fairbanks is also home to the World Ice Art Championship, with competitors creating fantastic ice sculptures for visitors to see, as well as a leg of the world famous Iditarod dog sled race.

4.    Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
In Sweden, just north of the Arctic Circle, sits an ice hotel that must be seen to be believed. The ice and snow is sourced from a local river, and the hotel is rebuilt every year after melting in the spring and summer months. Because each year welcomes a new ice hotel experience, this is a cold weather vacation destination that can be visited year after year, while always providing a fresh and new awe-inspiring experience. The ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is outfitted with 80 private rooms and plenty of local activities.

5.    Patagonia, Argentina
In Patagonia, Argentina, adventurous travelers are offered an experience of a lifetime. Los Glaciares National Park welcomes visitors to see mind-blowing icy glaciers climbing hundreds of feet into the sky, as well as their many miles of trails to provide various looks at the breathtaking snowy scenery. For those looking to stay “in town” and near their resort or hotel, the snow-covered Andes Mountains surrounding the region can be viewed from miles away to always provide the perfect icy atmosphere.

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