5 Benefits Of Choosing Luggage With Wheels

Brittany Reed

Our wheeled duffle and garment bags, like the Sparrow II and Falcon bags, have quite a few more benefits than simply looking good and keeping your belongings safe while you travel. There are benefits to choosing luggage with wheels, and some of these benefits are pretty obvious, while others less so. 5 benefits of choosing wheeled luggage are:

1.    Crowds can hear you coming
Whether you’re walking through the airport, or walking to your hotel from the train station or underground, crowds will hear you coming if you have wheeled luggage. This presents a pretty unique benefit - when crowds hear you coming, they’re more likely to move aside to allow you to come through. As long as you’re not in a particularly shoulder to shoulder crowded area, this will allow you to get to where you need to go much faster.

2.    Easier on your shoulders, neck, and back
Wheeled luggage can also be much easier to travel with when it comes to your neck, shoulders, and back. Luggage you have to carry will put strain on different muscle systems and joints, and when travelling all day that soreness can become pretty palpable. If you’ve taken a long flight, and you’re already sore from sleeping in your airplane seat, the last thing you will want is extra strain going from the plane to your hotel or home. With wheeled luggage, you can simply pull your belongings behind you with some extra movement help.

5 Benefits Of Choosing Luggage With Wheels3.    Weightless feel
If you’ve over-packed your luggage, or you’re just feeling sluggish after a long flight, you don’t have to worry about lugging around the weight with wheeled luggage. The wheels that take strain off of your neck, shoulders, and back also help to make the bag feel weightless, so anyone can pull along their own bag without getting winded or feeling like you need to stop and take a rest.

4.    Tour companies often prefer them
If you’re taking a tour vacation, many tour companies suggest opting for a wheeled bag when going about your tour. The reason for this is that wheeled bags often are easier to maneuver without help, and help may not always be available when boarding on and off various coaches or trains. A wheeled piece of luggage allows those taking the tour the ability to handle their own luggage quickly throughout their trip.

5.    Sturdier
Wheeled bags will have most of their weight centered on the wheels at the bottom of the bag, which allows the bags to move in a balanced and steady way. This also makes for a sturdy bag, and one that you can trust will keep your belongings safe while you’re travelling.

Wheeled duffle bags or garment bags ensure you can go about your trip in an independent and comfortable way, as you manage your own luggage regardless of distance or weight. Our ecbc wheeled luggage options also include specifications like FastPass and power banks, so you can have an even easier time at the airport when embarking on your next big adventure.

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