5 Adventure Travel Destinations We're Lusting Over

Brittany Reed

The world is a pretty cool place to be and exploring it to its depths can be an amazing experience. When it comes to travel, there are those who just want an oceanfront condo where they can lounge by the sea all day. Others enjoy the slow charm of exploring an old country town. But there are those who would rather take a have their hearts beating a-mile-a-minute with a vacation that’s really more of an adventure. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, take your pick from one of these 5 amazing adventure destinations.

5 - Take Off For Thailand
Check out the beaches, bustle through Bangkok, and explore Buddhist temples to your heart’s delight. For foodies, there are endless choices for amazing street-eats. Feed your humanitarian heart by visiting Friends of the Asian Elephant where you can see the rehabilitation process of injured elephants. Head to the mountains near Chaing Mai for extreme hiking and biking. And no visit would be complete without a stop in the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos meet.

4 - Peruse Through Palau
500 miles from the Philippines lies the island of Palau. For an adventure of a lifetime, you can explore the crystal clear waters of the most immaculate shorelines in the world. Coral reefs and sea life are yours to explore at over 50 dive sites. Explore Jellyfish Lake where you’ll dive with beautiful jellyfish who have lost their sting. And since Palau is about 75% native forest and mangroves, you’ll be immersed in nature like never before.

5 Adventure Travel Destinations We're Lusting Over3 - The Greatness Of Greece
Set sail and explore the famous Greek Islands from the water, or walk through the ancient sites like The Acropolis and Epidaurus. Visit the island of Santorini where the villages are built on cliffs that overlook a submerged (and still active!) volcano. Channel your inner Jacques Cousteau and take a shot at searching for lost city of Atlantis. And food adventurers eat can their way through authentic foods like moussaka and grilled octopus at the local taverns.

2 - Epic Icelandic Adventure
Nature lovers looking for an adventure paradise need look no further than Iceland. The Skogafoss waterfall and Snaefellsnes National Park are top destinations, but be sure to visit Blue Lagoon. As the largest geothermal pool in the world, it stays around 100 degrees F (37.7 degrees C) and gets renewed every 40 hours. Good for the soul and the skin, and great for the muscles after a long hike.

1 - Perfection In Peru
Every adventure traveler has this destination at the top of their list, and it continues to keep us wanting more. Walking through Machu Picchu’s Golden Gate at sunrise is an ethereal experience that everyone should have at least once. Trekking along the Inca trail is still an often sold-out attraction, so consider the Salkantay route which is less crowded and treks through the Andes. Keep your heart racing when you visit the indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley, and visit Inca ruins throughout the region to find thrills at every turn.

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