5 United States Foodie Cities Travelers Can’t Miss

Brittany Reed

Whether domestically or internationally, travel gives people the opportunity to eat and enjoy so many different types of cuisine. Food could be considered a window into the particular culture and history of any place, and it gives you a way to experience that culture in a unique firsthand way using your physical senses. Many seasoned travelers feel that you need to take a trip abroad to really appreciate a food-based vacation, but this isn’t actually the case. 5 United States foodie cities that travelers can’t miss include:

1. New York City – New York City is a truly special foodie city, and this is due to the sheer volume of options a person has to choose from. The plethora of different cultures represented in New York City means you can essentially take a food trip around the world without traveling outside of the country, and even without traveling outside of the city. You can enjoy street food for lunch, and dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, then have authentic desserts from anywhere in the world.

2. New Orleans – The creole and Cajun dishes like po’boys and gumbo keep visitors coming back to New Orleans time and time again for dishes they can get no place else. What also makes New Orleans a great foodie city is how deeply their cuisine is entrenched in their history. Worldly influences that go back hundreds of years within the region are all represented in their flavors, and they work to connect modern New Orleans with a history the area still prides themselves on.

3. Chicago – Chicago is the staple city for travelers to visit if they’re in the market for good old fashioned American comfort foods. Deep dish pizza restaurants on every corner, fully loaded hot dogs coming from trucks on the street, and Italian meats and sausages serving as the perfect lunchtime pick or indulgent snack. As the food capital of the American Midwest, Chicago is home to bold fresh flavors any traveler is sure to love.

4. Portland – In Oregon, Portland has really made its mark on the food scene in recent years. This hip city is all about experimentation and creativity, and this is something that it shows in its incredible food. Farmers markets and fresh fares are all the rage in Portland, and they give chefs and restauranteurs something really unique and flavorful to play with as they craft dishes you’ve never tried before. The best part of a foodie vacation in Portland is that food trucks reign supreme in the city, making most meals very affordable.

5. Miami – Everything seems to be over the top in Miami, and this includes the food scene. Peruvian, Cuban, Caribbean, Jamaican, and Southern American influences all dance together to create a culinary experience that is purely bursting with flavor. The gorgeous scenery also allows you to get some uniquely authentic dishes, and have the privilege of enjoying them while watching a crystal blue ocean lap at white sandy beaches.

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