5 Reasons To Love Our Harpoon Daypack

Brittany Reed

For travel, a great backpack is a must, and we always suggest our Harpoon Daypack for all of your travel needs. Whether you’re jetting off for business or for pleasure, the Harpoon Daypack gives you everything you need to ensure you’re prepared for your trip and everything that may come along with it. 5 reasons to love our Harpoon Daypack are:

1. Made to be durable – When you invest in a great backpack, you’ll want to be able to use it during multiple journeys, and there is nothing worse than when your favorite backpack starts to look a bit worse for wear. Our Harpoon Daypack is made from HD Ballistic Nylon, and with double thickness all around the base of the pack, so it’s standing up to all of the travel, weather, and general wear and tear you plan to put it through. This is a backpack you won’t have to worry about developing holes or becoming threadbare after only a few trip.

2. It protects – Because our Harpoon Daypack uses HD Ballistic Nylon, it’s also water resistant, and this means you can carry your laptop, camera, or other electronics during all types of weather without worrying about your belongings taking damage. This makes the Harpoon Daypack a great choice not only for business or pleasure travel, but for students or employees who venture around a campus on their day-to-day as well. Have to get across the way in the rain with your laptop? It’s no problem with this backpack.



3. Plenty of space – The Harpoon Daypack is also equipped with plenty of space, which is perfect if you’re planning a full dayof business, school, or travel. Traveling with only a backpack has become something of a rite of passage, and this is just the pack that will allow you to do it. The Harpoon Daypack will allow you to carry with you a laptop of up to 17”, as well as plenty of other belongings all at the same time.

4. It’s breathable – Backpacks are great for traveling around for a full day and taking excursions with a heavy load, but the one complaint many have with backpack traveling in warmer climates is a lack of breathability. With a pack strapped on your back, you may find that you feel a bit warmer than you would without it, and this can cause some discomfort. With the Harpoon Daypack, however, has a moisture wicking air mesh back panel, which allows air to move through the pack and reach your skin, effectively cooling you down.

5. Easy access – Whether you’re on an international trip and need quick access to your passport, tickets, or other documents, or you’re battling through a day of tough classes and need all of your various assignment requirements, it’s always easy to find in the Harpoon Daypack. A quick access ticket pocket is joined by 17 other storage compartments to allow you to keep yourself and all your belongings organized with little effort at all.  

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