4 Ways To Stay Connected During A Long Business Trip

Brittany Reed

When it comes to keeping your home connections strong, business trips can be put a strain on your relationships. No matter how exciting the travel and the opportunity, being away from loved ones can be difficult. Whether you have kids, a partner, or even parents who worry about you, staying connected is important.

Before You Go
Before you leave for your trip, be sure to take some time to spend with those who will be missing you the most. Plan an outing, a dinner, or a visit. Maybe an intimate evening with someone special. Catch a game with your Dad, take your Mom shopping. You can even leave a small token, note, or gift for your partner or kids in places they won’t find until you’re gone. It’s important to let your loved ones know your basic itinerary; departure and return dates, flight information, what you’ll be doing, and where you’ll be staying. Get the contact information for the hotel ahead of time so your loved ones can check in with you.

The Phone Won’t Always Work
4 Ways To Stay Connected During A Long Business TripWhen travelling amongst the time zones (and service areas), the telephone can be of little good to you. Four o’clock in the afternoon for you can be midnight somewhere else and keeping track of what times are good for everyone to connect can be nearly impossible. This does not mean that you should avoid the phone. Phone conversations are the most intimate and solid ways to communicate, so try your best to make a few calls while you are away, but you’ll need to rely on some other methods to keep those connections strong.

4 Ways To Connect
1) Postcards. You can find postcards of your area pretty much everywhere; even in the hotel gift shop or lobby. Pick out a few and send them to your loved ones over the course of few days. They’ll know that you’re thinking of them and seeing where you are can be exciting.

2) Email. This is a no-brainer, but it can be a lifesaver when time zones are an issue. Send a note so that loved ones will have your thoughts when they wake up. A brief description of what you did and what you saw that day can go a long way.

3) Sype or FaceTime. Skype works on all Android and Windows devices while FaceTime works with Apple. Choose what works best for you and make the time to be connected at a few points of your trip. You can even show your family your hotel, or some other exciting landmarks where you are. This can really make you feel like home isn’t so far away.

4) Shop and Snap. Do a little bit of shopping for loved ones when you have some downtime. Thinking about and searching for what they’d like helps you feel closer to them. And be sure to snap plenty of pictures of things that you wish they could see or things that they’d like. Send now or save and share upon your return.

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