4 Things To Bring On Your Business Trip And 1 Not To

Brittany Reed

Business trips can be exciting, but if you pack the wrong things to go with you, they can be frustrating. Sometimes, people pack too much of the things they’ll never use and not enough of the things that they’ll desperately need.

The next time you’re getting your Sparrow II ready to head to your next business destination, remember the 4 important items that you should be taking with you and the 1 item that you should do your best to leave at home.

Bring These

4 – Breath Mints
You only have one chance to make a lasting impression and if your breath is tainted with 5 cups of coffee and an onion bagel, that impression will be long-lasting for the wrong reasons. Stay away from gum, as the chewing can put some people off, and stick to little mints that are less-noticeable but powerful. Pop one in your mouth after meals and at regular intervals to keep odors away.

4 Things To Bring On Your Business Trip And 1 Not To3 – Business Cards
You might carry a few with you anyway, but make sure that you have plenty to pass around. Business today is all about networking and you never know who you’ll run into. It’s also a good idea to have some cards from your colleagues’ and referral partners so you can pass along the help to someone in need and really boost your network potential.

2 – A Notebook And Pens
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to bring something to write on and to write with. We live in the age of technology and though laptops and tablets can be great for notetaking, you might need to jot something down in a flash. A pen in your hand and paper at the ready means you’ll never miss an important word or thought.

1 – Lightweight, Wheeled Carry On Luggage
The best sources say that this is one of the most important items that any business traveler can have. When you pack smartly, you can fit everything you need into a good model, such as the Sparrow II. Plus, with the portable power charging system, this one wheeled garment bag will keep you powered up and ready at all times. That can come in handy at a hotel that has limited charging access, or during a crowded airport layover.

Don’t Bring This

The most important thing that you can leave at home when traveling for business is a cold or illness. Nothing is worse than having to sit through a day-long business conference while blowing your nose and feeling like your sinuses are going to explode. When you know that a trip is coming up, take extra care to stay healthy by:


  • Washing your hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds. Be sure to do this before you eat, after you use the bathroom, and anytime you touch garbage, waste, or animals.
  • Getting plenty of sleep to keep your immune system healthy.
  • Investing in Airborne, Emergen-C, or any other immunity-boosting, sickness fighting concoction you can find in a local pharmacy.
  • Seeing you doctor for vaccination updates such as tetanus, flu, or anything else that you might need for travel based on where you are going.


And don’t forget the antibacterial gel to keep yourself healthy during the trip. Shaking a lot of hands can result in passing a lot of germs. A portable hand gel can keep you from bringing home something besides a cool souvenir.

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