10 Things To Bring In Your Carry-On

Brittany Reed

We’ve all been there. You’re a couple hours into your flight, with a few hours left to go, and you realize that you need something from your carry-on. Just as you’re trying to mentally scope out the insides of your Sparrow II so you can find it faster, your heart sinks. You realize that you didn’t pack that item in your carry-on; it’s nestled somewhere inside the luggage that you checked. Bummer.

The range of disappointment can vary depending on what it is you’re looking for. If you just wanted to look at a magazine, you’ll likely get over it fast. But if you need your GERD medication to get rid of the burning in your chest, you might get a little anxious. For this reason, we’ve created a list of the 10 most important things that you should pack in your carry-on every time you travel.

10) Comfort
Breath mints, cough drops, and gum are great to have while on longer flights. A tube of Chap Stick and a tin of hand cream will combat the cabin dryness. Bring an inflatable pillow or a light blanket to stay cozy.  And a small pack of tissues are perfect in case the dry air gets to your sinuses, or the loo runs out of TP.
9) Valuables
If it’s important enough for you to bring, it’s important enough to carry-on. Expensive jewelry, important documents, or even your good camera should be tucked above your head.
8) Hydration
It’s dry on a plane and you need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Purchase a collapsible water bottle and fill it up once you get past checkpoints. Whatever you do, don’t board without extra hydration.

7) Entertainment
10 Things To Bring In Your Carry-OnHeadphones with a device to play music, audio books, or relaxation sessions are essential for flights from 1 hour to 17 hours. Bring a book, a crossword puzzle, or a magazine when you want to go device free. And sound-blocking ear plugs will ensure you stay in your own zone.

6) Change of Clothes
Anyone who has ever traveled far, far away and had their luggage “delayed” has wished upon a star that they packed just one change of clothes in their carry on. Consider us your fairy Godparent; you’ll thank us later.

5) Your I.D.
Even if you bring your passport, don’t keep your driver’s license in your checked luggage. And don’t check your cash because you think you won’t need it on board. Cut to the chase and just keep all I.D., cash, and credit cards with you at all times.
4) Toiletries
A handful of small, travel-sized goods such as deodorant, a toothbrush, and toothpaste can be a lifesaver if you get delayed or separated from your luggage. A stain remover stick (or wipes) is also a must. Stay fresh even if you’re losing your cool.
3) Medication
Whatever you take medication for should always be packed in your carry on. Whatever you might need medication for, from head pain to upset stomach, should be with you at all times as well.

2) Snacks
There is nothing more important that having good snacks to keep you from starvation mode. Granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter packs, and even fruit can be your best carry-on travel buddies.

1) Electronics
Your laptop, tablet, phone; whatever you have should be aboard the plane with you to keep it safe. This includes your chords and chargers. Luckily, ecbc luggage not only has the FastPass Laptop Storage System to get you through TSA easier with your gear, but you can also charge your phone and other gadgets with our 6000mAh portable power bank.

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