10 Luxury Travel Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed

Not everyone can afford to be a luxury travel expert, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t live vicariously through one. If you love luxe, follow a few of these savvy travelers and get your fix.

10) Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes. Written by a New Zealander currently living in England, Around the World really has been all around the world; 50+countries and counting. The author, Kelly, loves luxury hotels and posts lovely pics along with tales of her adventure. Oh, and she really does have a lot of shoes; enough to fill her “shoe room,” in fact.

9) Cruise Diva. For those who are looking for the most luxury accommodations when choosing an amazing cruise, Cruise Diva has you covered. Award-winning writer Linda Coleman offers her reviews and expertise on the best cruise lines for providing the most opulent experience, no matter where you set sail.

8) Velvet Escape. Velvet is actually Keith, a one-time banking investor who traded up for a life of luxury travel and has been doing it for over 9 years in 80 countries. Velvet Escape provides readers with recommendations for everything from where (and what) to eat, where to stay, and what to do. Keith also shares stories of people he’s met along the way to provide that personal experience.

7) The Harper Way. Since 1979, Andrew Harper has been reviewing all things luxury. His reviews are unbiased, giving you real reviews to help you on your own search. The Harper Way provides pictures that are detailed and beautiful, and the blog site is well organized with a beautiful destination in each post.

6) Maryhop. Who better to share the secrets of world travel than a person who works as a VIP Flight Attendant? Mary loves all things luxe; from hotels to shopping centers and first-class travel. Touring the world since 2006 and writing about it for 4 years, Maryhop wants her readers to indulge in her experience and learn a few secrets along the way.

10 Luxury Travel Bloggers To Follow5) Luxury Travel Mom. Who says you can’t have it all? Luxury travel, even with a family in tow is possible as shown by Luxury Travel Mom. The writer, Kim, travels with her four children (and zero nannies) to destinations far and wide. Her experiences can speak truth to other Moms who want to live the luxe life and bring the kids along.

4) CarlosMeliaBlog. Carlos is an experienced travel agent who has a passion for luxury travel and specializes in recommendations for the LGBT community. He’s been living the luxe travel life for over 25 years and on CarlosMeliaBlog, he shares his experiences with readers to provide the best luxury journey possible.

3) The Travelista. With gorgeous photos that take you into the heart of luxury, detailed itineraries for locations across the world, and an honest love for travel, the Travelista blog is unpretentious and refreshing. Jess has not only a passion for her own adventures, but wants to provide a detailed experience for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps.

2) Mrs. O Around The World. Ana Silva O’Reilly is Mrs. O and she caters to the business traveler who is looking to add some luxury to their trip. She’s been listed as one of the best luxury travel bloggers for years and her reviews of planes and hotels, as well as travel tips, speak for themselves.

1) Luxe In A City. With the belief that the only true luxury is travelling, Luxe In A City (a.k.a Roxanne Genier) is a self-professed nomad who travels to exotic locations by the sea, in the desert, and in cities all over the world. Her details are descriptive and her pictures are worth a thousand words. She’s currently touring South America for the next 2 years with her boyfriend and cat in tow.

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