10 Business Traveler Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed

It’s all about business when you travel for your job. Of course, sometimes there’s a bit of pleasure involved, especially if you love to travel. Looking for a few bloggers to keep you company along the way? Someone who knows just what you’re going through and might be able to make the journey a bit easier? Look no further than the 10 travel bloggers below.

10) 1 Bag, 1 World. Looking to minimize your gear and maximize your travel? Frank will show you how to travel for business with only 1 Bag and a whole lot of experience. You’ll learn what to do and benefit from his experiences of what not to do.

9) Travel Pulse. The first place to go for business travel trends; what airlines are going broke, who’s adding a new route to their cruise line, even what the new travel ban means to you. You’ll find anything pertaining to, or impacting, travel and business together. Travel Pulse also has deals, videos, and plenty of reading material to last you through the longest layover ever.

8) Business Travel Destinations. It’s all about the reviews on this blog. Wherever your Business Travel takes you, you’ll know all about it in descriptive detail pre-arrival. Whatever your business meeting plans are, you’ll find ways to make them better. Whoever has the best airport limo service, you’ll ride in style.

10 Business Traveler Bloggers To Follow 7) Wandering Trader. The ultimate business travel blog for those who do business on the road. Author Marcello is a day trader and trainer who has lived all over the world. You’ll not only find some great travel deals, you’ll also benefit from his experiences and get the ultimate destination information.

6) Trip Case. All about the culture of business travel. Trip Case is the place to find everything you need to know, from the proper etiquette at your next business lunch to the best way to keep your suits neat and pressed while on the road. You’ll also get great reviews on travel products and gear.

5) Travel Babel. Award-winning author Claire Walter shares travel news, tips, and observations for the savvy business traveler. She’s been all over the world and shares her vast knowledge with readers. Travel Babel also shares Claire’s personal insights on travel trends that can shape your business travel experience.

4) Stuck At The Airport. Who hasn’t ever been in that situation? The next time you’re stuck at the airport, log on and get tips about the lounges, restaurants, and nearby hotels to make the wait just a little less painful. Bonus: You’ll also get up-to-date constructing reports.

3) Pearls Of Travel Wisdom. This blog is written by Carol Margolis, founder of the Smart Women’s Travel network. Carol knows a thing or two about business travel and shares her pearls of travel wisdom with the businesswomen and businessmen everywhere looking for checklists, travel discounts, meeting planners and more.

2) Frequent Business Traveler. Looking for industry news, technology, and travel tips? Look no further than FBT. Compare flight cabins, look for the best luxury rental cars, and get an in-depth look at hotels prior to check-in. Written exclusively by travel writers, you’ll not only get tips, but a few humorous antidotes that will entertain on those long layovers.

1) The Road Warriorette. There’s a reason that The Road Warriorette was nominated for the Best Business Travel blog by USA today; it’s everything you need to know about business trips and then some. What to pack, what to wear, and what you should (and should not) pay for. Written be several seasoned business traveler, you’ll get all of the right perspectives on everything you need.

Armed with this arsenal of business travel bloggers, you’ll have no worries on the road, in the air, or at the next meeting.

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