10 Adventure Travel Bloggers To Follow

Brittany Reed

Everyone needs a little bit of travel and adventure in their lives. After all, this is what makes life worth living! So it stands to reason that traveling for adventure is the best way to live it up whenever you can.

Following these 10 adventure travel bloggers will keep you on your toes and road warrior ready.

10) Shermans Travel. Looking for the best travel deals, tips on what you need to bring on your adventure, expert advice, or just travel inspiration? Look no further than Shermans. Planning your trip couldn’t be easier and everything is all in one spot for convenience.

9) Adventurous Kate. After quitting her job to travel solo for 6-months, Kate turned her love of adventure travel into a full-time job. Trotting around the world for almost 5 years has given her plenty to write about and plenty to share with you. Look for her recent blog, “Where to Go in 2017” to start planning today.

8) The Adventure Junkies. A beautiful website that’s easy to navigate, the Junkies want you to love outdoor adventure as much as they do. Hike it, climb it, scuba it, bike it, you’ll have the time of your life just by viewing it! And they also give you a list of good gear to get you started.

7) The Travel Camel. Nothing says adventure travel like a camel. The Travel Camel gives you plenty of insight when it comes to visiting places that are on the road-less-traveled, but just as exciting and beautiful. You’ll also find out about travel insurance and important things you should know before you go.

6) Wander Lusters. Charli is an adventurer and an avid scuba diver, so expect some great water-adventure info. Her photos are stunning and she reviews different cameras for quality and durability. Wander Luster travels nomadically with no fixed homestead, and her readers luck out by being able to share it all with her.

10 Adventure Travel Bloggers To Follow5) Expert Vagabond. Beautiful photography dominates Vagabond and inspirational stories fill the pages. 6 years of nomadic life is what makes this guy and expert. You’ll get videos, travel resources, and tips for traveling the world with an open mind to get the most out of your adventure; and your life.

4) The Adventure Collection Blog. Yep, it’s a collection of information from a plethora of adventure writers. Where to go, what you’ll see, and how to get there are just a few things you’ll learn. Plus, they include a section on travelling with the whole family, which is always the biggest adventure!

3) Adventure Journal. Founded by a member of national Geographic’s editorial staff, this blog gives you adventures from around the world. Adventure Journal has a few contributing outdoor authors for various perspectives, and gives you the latest news, important tips, and of course, gorgeous pics from destinations everywhere.

2) Nomad Revelations. 15 years of adventure travelling can give a person a lot of experience, and the Nomad shares it all with you. You’ll get info about boat travel, van life, wildlife, and people along the way; photos and video footage included. Choose your continent, or pick one of Joao’s favorite countries and hit the road running.

1) The Planet D. More than just tips and trends in adventures travels, Dave & Deb share stories with a personal flair. Plus, the Planet D has an amazing phot journal that tells its own stories at-a-glance. These two love to travel and embrace every challenge that comes their way; and they want you to do the same. Inspirational enough to get you packing your bags right now.

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