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The ECBC Story.

ECBC's Mission Statement:

For travelers in an evolving era, ECBC provides innovative solutions that deliver superior, state-of-the-art, stress-free and stylish bags and luggage. 

Welcome to ECBC

After hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and struggling to find a suitable carry-on for all of our must-have portable electronics, we founded ECBC to fill a void in the travel market. We grew increasingly tired of unpacking all of our expensive portable electronics into TSA bins after waiting in long lines watching others doing the same routine.

Why couldn’t we find a bag that was designed specifically to carry all of our gadgets safely and securely?

We decided to take matters into our own hands.

We brought together the brightest minds in the travel industry to develop an evolutionary line of high quality luggage, backpacks, and messenger bags that offer modern travelers a more functional, fashionable and comfortable way of transporting their technology and everyday essentials.  

With our checkpoint friendly bags and luggage, going through airport security hasn’t been this easy since pre 9/11. Our specially designed, fold out compartment featuring our pioneering FastPass® system allows modern travelers to unpack when they arrive at their destination, not TSA.  

Travel. Simplified.



    • Rick Hagaman
"I’ve been through the range of bags out there,” says Rick, “And I’m not an easy partner for any of them. With ECBC bags, they make my life and my business, a whole level simpler.”
Rick Hagaman - Fitness Trainer, USA
Murrieta California 92562 US