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The ECBC Difference

Travel. Simplified.

In a world filled with laptops, tablets, smartphones and other “must-carry” portable electronics, we believe no matter where the modern traveler is headed—whether it’s across the country or across campus—their journey should be met with a carryall solution that offers protection, organization, durability, and reliability. Style, attention to detail and sophistication are never compromised in our designs.

Each piece within our collections of high quality luggagebackpacks and messenger bags are thoughtfully engineered to provide peace of mind to those looking to transport electronics and other essentials safely, securely and conveniently.


Evolving as the Modern Traveler Evolves

Built around the on-the-go lifestyle, we understand the needs of modern travelers by constantly evolving as they evolve.

Unique to our carryall designs is our smart luggage technology, the FastPass® system. This “checkpoint friendly” feature solves the issue of long lines experienced when passing through airport security by allowing travelers to leave laptops, tablets and other devices inside suitcases—saving time, providing convenience and easing frustrations.  Simply unzip the FastPass® compartment, lay it flat, displaying all of your fiercely protected electronics, and send the whole bag through the scanner.  No more unpacking your valuables into those dingy grey TSA bins.  Genius!

All of our high quality bags are road-warrior tested.

Each high quality carryall design is outfitted in a water repellent, nearly indestructible exterior with self-repairing zippers, ensuring longevity and superior preservation of all inside contents while in transit. Our materials of choice are high denier Ballistic Nylon and Kodra, both known for their resistance to tearing, punctures and abrasions.

And you’ll never need to worry about losing battery life again while on-the-go. Rather than being tethered to a wall outlet or huddled around an overcrowded charging station, we provide modern travelers with a spare portable battery pack. Modern travelers now have the option to plug their device straight into their ECBC bag, or wherever is most convenient, providing more juice at their fingertips.

No detail was spared. That’s the ECBC difference.



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