4 Adventures You Need to Have This Year

Brittany Reed

Most of the time when we travel or plan that big trip, we call it an adventure, but is it really? Broadening your horizons is always a good thing, but for many people, traveling means going to a city in another country and doing some shopping, dining and local tourism, or maybe hitting the beach at a tropical resort and relaxing under the sun.

A real adventure means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something out of the ordinary. We’ve got four things here that will definitely liven up your traveling experience with something extraordinary.

Trek Up Kilimanjaro

Africa is the cradle of humanity, and it’s still the one continent that has the most dramatic and impressive wildlife on our planet. If you want to try something really different, try hiking, biking or even riding a beast of burden across Africa, seeing some of that wildlife, and climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

This is the kind of journey that most people will only ever do once in their life, seeing things they’ll never see again, and having the kind of experience that can change the way you look at the world. If you want to try something really different, try this.

Fly On A Reduced Gravity Aircraft

NASA trains its astronauts by putting them on an airplane affectionately named “the vomit comet.” It climbs to an altitude of about 32000 feet, then goes into a steep dive. This results in you “falling” inside the aircraft, but in reality, what it actually feels like is that you’re weightless and floating in zero gravity.

Now, this same experience is available to the public. Anyone that’s ever wanted to feel what is was like to be an astronaut, hold pens up in the air in front of their faces, or just drift inside an air craft now has access to this exotic experience. We may not be able to send the public at large into space just yet, but for the price of a trip in a reduced gravity aircraft, you can feel like it!

Dive Through The Great Barrier Reef

Anyone that’s ever watched a nature documentary has, at some point, seen images under the water of incredible marine life, beautiful coral reefs, and divers serenely floating in the “big blue,” surrounded by an environment unlike anything else on the surface.

This isn’t just something only professional ocean biologists can do, you can too. Australia itself is an amazing country to visit, but the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef and see one of the nature’s most impressive natural structures up close and personal is definitely an adventure. If you have any kind of appreciation for nature, this is going to take you to the next level.

Commit To A Food Adventure

Whether you’re going to Europe, Asia, South America or some other continent, one of the best things you can do for yourself in general and your stomach in particular is to try out the food. Every continent and country is going to have a very different menu from what you’re used to. Don’t just go to restaurants that offer you the same thing you could get at home.

Food adventures are about engaging with the locals, doing your research and seeing the best that is offered to the palette at every level. Gourmet dishes can be revelatory experiences, but don’t discount the power of street food, or obscure family recipes. Be brave with your palette and try some new things. You might just have a taste for rat or tripe or spicy soup and not even know it!

Statement: If you’re traveling this year, don’t just make it another shopping or museum trip, try to make it a real adventure with these four possibilities. And don't forget to pack for the part.  



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